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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2023.

Nasal Breathing protects your Child from braces and more...

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Special designed
for Children
(for all moms to know).

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Initially, Lip-Right© was designed for children.   The plaster is without "oral limitations" and the special silicone adhesive is 100% skin-healthy and can be removed quickly and is 100% pain-free. 

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Nose-breathing over Mouth-breathing.

Any specialist will tell you that mouth-breathing during your sleep is incorrect and that Nose breathing over mouth-breathing offers many benefits for young and old.  

With Lip-Right© there is no distress that the mouth is blocked, and there is no suffocating feeling that kids can't bear. Lip-Right let you strengthen the Tongue-muscle and hold the right position while they still can Laugh, Talk, Yawn, Drink, and all the more they like to do.  Lip-Right© is friendly to use and, very comfortable. There is no FEAR of using it by our youngest and we can put them to sleep normally to improve healthy development.  Because there are no Oral restrictions there is no hesitation to wear it .  They even have fun with it!

LipRight for



1: No oral Limitations such as:
By fear, you can call mom or daddy.
Yawing and sneezing is still possible
No Choking feelings = No hesitation for use.

2:  Skin-friendly Adhesive implies:
100% painless removable.
No irritation of the skin even
after long period of time.

3: Magnetic technique give:
100% Safe use when Sleeping
Kids are amused by the way it works
Immediately acceptation.
Kids ask for it when YOU forget. 

4: Avoiding infections in the tonsils, less common colds, and improved energy.


Why is Nose Breathing so Important?

Nasal breathing is direct associated with the development of the shape of the face, the teeth/jaws, and even the development of the brain.  Due to the correct development and growth of the position and space in the jaws (upper and lower), each tooth will find naturally the right position. (This avoids expensive braces, and promotes healthier teeth and a good look). Compared to regular mouth plasters, Lipright gives a guaranteed effect as it is not unknowingly pulled from the mouth while we sleep. All hours of sleep is secured with Nasal breathing.

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Negative Effect of mouth breathing over approx.  6 years.  Weak and slackened face and tongue muscles.  An expensive Braces is inescapable.

Lip-Right© Safe and "reusable", mouth patch.
LipRight is reusable, as one silicone plaster can be used 8  to 12 times. 
 Keep the LipRight on the nonstick cover paper for the next night(s) to come. When needed for hygiene, it can be washed with water and soap. One pack of 12 magnetic plasters will last for 4/5 months+.  Environment friendly. 

Attention: Please, do not use rubbing alcohol for cleaning the skin, but only normal soap & water is oke.
Chemicals will decrease the skin friendly silicone adhesive ! LipRight comes with 30 days satisfaction warrantee.

Short Tutorial.  How to use LipRight.
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Our Factory for the pre-production Silicone tape rolls adding adhevise, and size dividing. LipRigh is Patent Pending.

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