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"NSA the perfect Combo"

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(No frills)

Morning headaches solved.
For new clients;  Unlimited warranty on return (PayPal secured).

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We helped
(already) Millions
From 2009  (NasiVent tube)

Riskfree purchase.  

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Make it your Daily Routine 
Before sleep.


(You will love us forever) !

Why the NSA Magnetic Combo?

  1. Research revealed (GSK Pharmaceutical) that 72% of all adults are mouth breathers.

  2. LiprRight is a 100% SAFE, Comfortable LipTrainig for Adults, Kids and Seniors.

  3. Secured operation and controlled breathing due to the new technique and high comfort.

  4. Nasal breathing filters particles up to 0.5 microns. (µm)

  5. No choking or claustrophobic feelings.

  6. It keeps the Nostrils open and Enhances nasal breathing.

  7. No oral limitations, (Nano Magnetic technique).
    *Talk, *Drink, *Cough, *Yawn, whenever you like.

  8. Skin-safe silicone, even after months of use.

  9. 100% safe for breathing by mouth when needed, (Special for kids).

  10. Durable and cheap over time  (Reusable helps the environment).

  11. 120 nights+ or 4 months use = less $2,- A' week. 

  12. Developed by award-winning Medical Ergonomist.

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Effectiveness of filtering germs and particulate matter compared to nasal breathing versus mouth breathing
(Source Google Bard AI)
Caution: before you order  
  • Does not support thick beards.
  • Overnight beards are Okay.
  • Can help People with COPD due to improved Nasal Nitric Oxide.
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The NasalVent tube:

  • Soft touch surface for a smooth feeling

  • Soft Nasal tip (Patented Ergonomic design) as holdfast in the tip of our nose.

  • The tube is "floating" in the nostrils

  • No pressure or discomfort.  

  • Wash and wear for years to use.

  • 4 sizes, adjustable for a personal fit.

  • Pink- skin color

​Why LipRight versus ordinary mouth tape?

The operation of regular tapes is often lost during sleep. Unconsciously mouth breathing resumes.

  • LipRight new Magnetic closure.

  • Comfortable Controlled functioning while sleeping. 

  • Skin-safe / Silicone also used for Scar healing.

  • No Oral Restrictions.

  • 100%  Safe special for children.

  • No suffocating feelings.

  • Semi-reusable and total comfort.

  • Environmentally friendly.

 You will sleep like beforeguaranteed! 

Good to know:
Early morning headache is considered a serious red flag and the cause should be treated.

Don't suppress symptoms with Tylenol or other's.

We all experience the 'Nasal Cycle', a naturally timed congestion and decongestion of the nose. (Switch left and right). The function of the Nasal Cycle is that, among other things, it keeps our nasal passages moist to eliminate germs that try to enter our lungs.  (Viruses, bacteria etc.)
Relatively unknown, but this Nasal Cycle is 70%+ responsible for mouth breathing during sleep, resulting in early morning headaches and many more disadvantages due to insufficient oxygen to the brain over time. The NSA combo will solve this for you within days.

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Brake free from CPAP

or try before CPAP

60 days Risk-free try-out !

100% comfort for a sound sleep.

                           (Scientifically Proven results)

For USA: Order before Noon, Shipping same day. Free delivery within two day's. 

+ Track and trace.   
Shipping service by USPS.  

(Different prices apply outside the US )

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Correct Breathing a must for a healthy system. 

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