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Lip-Right, Safe Magnetic Mouth Taping (JUNIOR) 4-Month Supply

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Lip-Right© Silicone Mouth Plaster.

(120 Nights Solution $ 14.95 )

" We have also the Combo " Lipright + NasalVent !

Tutorial video with Mr. Cooper 3.8 years young:

Introducing LipRight©, the revolutionary Magnetic "SAFE" and soft mouth tape! Protect your children from unhealthy mouth breathing and from expensive and irritating future braces. LipRight is the only mouth patch that children have no problem with and love to use. (They even ask for it when YOU forget as they feel the difference in the morning!!).

Forget those suffocating unhealthy mouth tapes that can cause stressful feelings and skin irritation.

LipRight© is the only 100% safe, reusable Silicone mouth tape that works with a new magnet-lip-close technique. Not only is it designed especially for children, but there is also an adult size. For the perfect night's sleep, use LipRight© and never worry about mouth breathing again! (Painless removable silicone).

Get your LipRight© today and say goodbye to uncomfortable and unhealthy mouth breathing, and other uncomfortable "suffocating" mouth tapes.

A special release paper can be used to replace the patch for the next nights to come.

A pack of 12 will last up to 4 months. (Reusable).

TIP: The habit of Mouth Breathing is the # 1. cause of Sleep apnea. Forget your CPAP or BiPAP with the LipRight or the LipRight Combo. Nasal Breathing with the mouth closed is the only natural way to Healthy breathing/sleep.

For people with difficulty nose breathing, we offer the LipRight combo.

Read more at: (Patent Pending*)

Shipping USA the same day after ordering.
Delivery within 2x 24 hours.

Shipping time Singapore is between 2 and 5 (working) days.
Shipping time WorldWide is between 5 and 10 (working) days.


Special courier service available.
Prices and lead-time by ordering.

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