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FAQ - the Hummm-it

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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2021.

1-  What is a Hummm-it (Humming Mask)
The Hummmit is a facial massage mask, with the aim of activating the air in our sinuses, to make it possible to inhale it comfortably.

2- How does the Hummm-it work?
The Hummmit emits a resonance (oscillation) on the exact places on the face where the sinuses are located. (see model fig. 1.)  The correct frequency, intensity, and duration of the programs create the ideal environment for maximum absorption of the Sinus air.

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Hummmit safe to use

3- Is the Hummm-it safe to use?
The Hummmit is safe.

The effect of the Hummm-it can be compared to the resonance that arises while singing or humming, speaking clearly, or playing a musical instrument that works on resonance, such as a didgeridoo, trombones, etc.

4- Is Sinus air Safe?
Sinus air is safe and activated when humming. Sinus air works against infections of viruses. Our Sinus air protects us against "risk-full" environments. (Prevention). The Humming mask was developed based on the knowledge of what is performed by monks for hundreds of years. 

5- How does Sinus air works in our system?
Our Sinus-air contains Multifunctional molecule which control or supports most functions in our body. The function of this molecule applies to our body but also our brain. Without this molecule, or to a lesser extent, proper functioning decreases. When we get older, this natural decrease causes aging.  This originates also in a natural way as a part of our bio clock. Due to the loss of this molecule, a lower resistance makes us increasingly vulnerable (lowers our immune system)  and we will be ill more quickly. (geriatric health problems arise).
Unfortunately, this is one of the manners our bio-clock works because we have to make way for the next generation(s) to come.  By humming more we can solve many geriatric problems.  People also call the Hummm-it  “the Fountain of Youth”.  

6- How do I know the Hummm-it is working?
The use of the Hummm-it (the Humming Mask) and its effect was checked in a medical study in Kiel (Germany) which showed that 95% of the users had a better result sleeping. In addition, the use of more Sinus air can be checked with a normal blood pressure meter as the Sinus air  lowers blood pressure naturally. (Before and after using the mask) 

7- How and how often should I use the mask?
Depending on the condition of the user, a daily application of the Hummm-it is recommended, especially just before going to sleep.
To improve our quality of sleep, we do not need to use the mask the whole night. After one or two programs we can take off the mask, turn on our side, and sleep. Duration of use for sleep and others is personal, and the number of programs (duration) is determined by trial and error. One program lasts approximately  20 minutes. You can set up-to 3 programs for a duration of 66 minutes. (One hour and 6 minutes in total).

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8- What is the warranty on the product?
The product comes with a one-year warranty for all parts. The face mask (The mask for on the face)  works on dynamic motors that are subject to wear and tear, a mask may need to be replaced depending on use. With normal use, up to 4 programs per day, a masker has a lifespan of approximately 2 years.  Separate masks are available.

9- How about the after-sales service?
Vital Health Inventions has dealers in North America, Europe and Asia. You can find the contact information in this site under “Contact-click HERE”.  Here too you can ask all your Hummmit related questions. Our GP. Dr O. Bengebara (Dr. Ben MD) can also answer all your questions about the Hummm-it before use.

10- How many Hummmit's are currently in circulation?
At the moment there are approximately 4.550 masks in use in Europe, North America, and Asia. Testimonials of various users can be read on our site, “Click HERE”

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What is in the box
1- 1x Hummm-it "Base" (programmable base)
2- 1x Face mask
3- 2 Set of 3 Hygenic Silicone face pads (reusable)
4- 2 Set Soft 3 Hygenic foam face pads
5- 1 Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes)
6- 1- Wall power supply
7- 1- Manual Quick Start
8- 1- Travel Case
9- One-year product warranty.

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