Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Humming Mask?

The Humming Mask is a personal facial massage mask to support our natural production of Nitric Oxide while relaxing. The Humming Mask can be used in your own home. You can order the mask through our SHOP.

Is the Humming Mask safe to use?

Yes, the Humming Mask is safe as it only simulates the "humming" sound effect which activates and moves the air in our sinuses to inhale our naturally Nitric Oxide. Inhaled Nitric oxide is approved by the FDA (US) and is used among others to treat and prevent infants and toddlers from persistent pulmonary hypertension and hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Can I use the Mask with my partner at the same time?

Yes, you can now purchase an extra mask what you can use on the same base. The latest Humming Mask model “G3” will include an extra function to operate two masks at the same time. To use two masks at once, simply connect both of the masks to the base, choose your settings (note: Program settings for both masks are equal).

Where can I find the user manual?

You can download the Quick start manual and the User manual from the Support page under "Support".

What is the warranty on the Humming Mask?

For home use, the Humming Mask comes with a full year warranty period for all non-moveable parts. The face mask motors are guaranteed for 12 to 15 months worry-free operation, depending on the frequency of use. Single masks can be ordered for replacement. In addition to the technical warranty, you have a 30-day risk-free trial period. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the mask for a full refund. Please note to claim your refund or warranty, you need to have the serial number and proof of purchase.

How do I know that the Humming Mask is working.

The mask is scientifically tested at the university of Kiel in Germany. There the results were 95% positive over a period of 6 weeks based on sleep function. When we use the mask on a regularly/daily basis, high blood pressure will be decreased to normal. Measure your blood pressure before using the mask and after is a good indicator for Nitric Oxide recovery and the functionality of the mask.

Where can I find published clinical studies about the benefits of Nitric Oxide?

Please see the official publications and links to the articles below regarding the effects of Nitric Oxide on the body:

Published study on Sleeplessness:
Nitric oxide production in the basal forebrain is required for recovery sleep.

A Possible Role for Nitric Oxide at the Sleep/Wake Interface

Proof 2001

Published study on major depression:
Depression linked to reduced arginine levels.

Endothelial damage in major depression.

Published study on High Blood Pressure:
Effects of inhaled Nitric Oxide on regional blood flow are consistent with intravascular Nitric Oxide delivery.

Published study on the function on Oxygen exchange:
Study shows blood cells need Nitric Oxide to deliver oxygen.

MDD experience on increased NO.
An Important 100% genuine story about Nitric Oxide and depression already recorded in September 26, 2008. An unmistakable and impartial review. Click (HERE)

Is this a medical device?

The Humming Mask is a health device, not a medical device.

How does the Humming Mask work?

The Humming Mask vibrates at a low frequency (90 to 120 Hertz) in 5 places on the head: 2x forehead, 2x cheekbones and nose bone. The air in the cavities of the head (the sinuses) will resonate with this. This stimulates the release of Nasal Nitric Oxide.


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