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Lip-Right® Safe & Soft Breathing-control

LipRight® is the new safe and soft Silicone mouth plaster that helps all children and teenagers who tend to be mouth breathers at night. 

With the new unique (patented) gentle "Magnet-technique", there is no suffocating or stressful feeling that kids can't handle, and adults don't like.  Remove it 100% Painlessly and reuse the plaster which saves you even on costs and helps the environment too. (Adults also like to use it.. "Pick the adult size"      :-)   

Forget all uncomfortable and choking hazards mouth tapes that irritate and will damage our sensitive skin over time. Silicone LipRight is 100% safe for healthy breathing and healthy for your skin.  (Patent Pending)  

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TIP: It is becoming more and more well known;  The habit of Mouth Breathing is the  # 1.  cause of Sleep apnea  and  also of Xerostomia (Dry Mouth), and also of halitosis (Bad Breath). This is because the grems can grow by the development of ""dried-in"" saliva. 

Forget all medicine with side effects and even forget your  CPAP or BiPAP with the LipRight Combo !

Try LipRight or the LipRight Combo and improve your sleep and  solve your problem in a 100% natural way without any side effects. 
Sleeping with the mouth closed is the only natural way to Healthy  breathing / sleeping, saving you from Xerostomia, Halitosis, and sleep apnea, as scientifically proven.
Order NOW, as LipRight comes "temporarily" with free NasalVent in case of obstructed nostrils.  
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