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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2023.

Nasal Breathing Your Highway to Health 

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Nose-breathing over Mouth-breathing. 

Any specialist will tell you that mouth-breathing during your sleep is incorrect and that breathing using the nose offers many benefits for young and old

Among many other unhealthy symptoms like Early Morning headaches, poor sleep, and feeling unrested in the morning, mouth breathing causes also crooked teeth in our youngest resulting in expensive brace (s) later in life.

With LipRight, we will sleep deeply while we train automatically our healthy way of breathing. 

Lip-Right is safe to sleep with opposite the mouth tapes that keep your lips together. (No choking feelings). Lip-Right does not restrict any oral functions due to the magnetic close/open technique using Nano magnets. Compared to regular mouth plasters, Lipright gives a guaranteed effect as it is not unknowingly lost while we sleep. All hours of sleep are secured with Nasal breathing. Due to the medical silicone adhesive, removal is 100% painless, and it is even healthy for your skin.  Kids have no aversion to it.   

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Why is Nose Breathing so Important?

The answer is; The right Breathing technique is good for our health.

Many websites and studies published on this subject explain the benefits of nasal breathing over mouth breathing. The benefits exist from a positive biologic development in kids, and an improved health in adults, due to trained (unconscious) breathing techniques. (Maintaining the Tongue<>palate vacuum). 

One of our latest tests with the LipRight revealed the solution to the problem of early morning headaches, for which there was no satisfactory answer yet. The main reason for this success is relatively simple and comes down that secured nasal breathing brings in the required oxygen needed for optimal cleaning of the brain at night, resulting in relief from early morning headaches.  
But be aware; doctors also warned. For example, Dr. Raj Dasgupta, in a "CNN" article, took serious notice and warned that using suffocating mouth tape is not recommended, to avoid unwanted accidents, special in kids. 

Aside from this new LipRight,  VHI developed the first ergonomic Nose dilator "NasiVent", which has helped already millions of people since 2004, by promoting nasal breathing resulting in a healthy diaphragm function. Sinds 2022, we bring the first comfortable but above all "safe" (non-choking) mouth training plaster for children and adults. 
This development was made possible by the discovery of the very powerful Neodymium "Nano-magnets", in late 2021, which resulted in a very comfortable mouth tape without any Oral limitations.  In some cases with blocked nasal path, its is advisable to use our LiprRight Combo,  (LipRight+ NasalVent nose dilator),  for optimal breathing comfort. 

Short Tutorial.  How to use LipRight.  One pack is good for 120 nights. With Reusable LiprRicht plasters we help the environment a little too.

How long do I need to use LipRight?


​The use of lipRight is most for a limited period of time. After the mouth-breathing habit has been resolved, Lipright can be discontinued for a longer time. In some cases and in young children, it can recur after a cold. Then it is recommended to use it again for a certain time to keep up the well-trained condition.

Lip-Right is made of Grade Medical Silicone with a magnetic closure system. By this, the feeling of suffocation and skin irritation is prevented because of non-Oral restrictions and the silicone adhesive. Some of these important oral functions are sneezing and yawning.  Yawing is important for the muscles in the face and neck to keep them fit and stretched which gives a stress relief feeling. Sneezing is our cleansing system for our upper respiratory tract and should be done freely when needed.  As a result, LipRight is quickly accepted by children. 

LipRight® helps all children and teenagers who tend to be mouth breathers at night.  With the new unique (patented) gentle "Magnet-technique", there is no suffocating or stressful feeling that kids can't handle, and adults don't like.

Remove it in the morning is 100% Painless and reuse the plaster which saves you even on costs and helps the environment too.   * (Adult and Junior size).

Forget about uncomfortable and suffocating mouth tapes that irritate and damage our sensitive skin over time. Most simple mouth tape is pulled unconscious during sleep and mouth breathing recurs.
Lip-Right is available through Google Shopping, on this site. Pls go to: 

Silicone LipRight is 100% safe to sleep with and kind to your skin. (Patent pending).

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Our Factory for the pre-production Silicone tape rolls adding adhevise, and size dividing.  

TIP: It is becoming more and more well-known; 
The habit of Mouth Breathing is the  # 1.  cause of morning headaches, dry Mouth, and bad Breath.
In case of morning headache we have an insufficient level of oxygen and increased carbon dioxide. Bad breath, and germs can develop in "dried-in" saliva.  Try LipRight or the LipRight Combo when you have a problem with breathing through the nose. This will help promote nose breathing as part of a total solution. 
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