The Hummmit©
(the Humming Mask)

Wellbeing by
Natural Humming.

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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2021.

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Humming for Stress-free Meditation 

Following the law for internet we are obligated to inform you as follows: like sunlight improves our natural production of vitamin D, our products are solely intended to improve healthy breathing for improved Sleep, Beauty and Fitness.

The Hummm-it itself is not a medical device and is an FDA exempt non invasive massage product. (disclaimer)

The Hummm-it improves our Fitness by Natural Humming.      (Scientifically proven)*  

  • Improved Stress Relieve 

  • Deeper Meditation and sleep

  • Health & Beauty 

  • Improved Wellbeing

    The Hummmit is a fitness device. Humming  provides welbeing, scientifically proven* and is 100% medicine-free,  

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The Humming Mask is a  100% drug-free over the counter (OTC) device. 

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The Humming Mask has a one-year warranty. 90 days tryout.

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The Humming Mask is currently distributed throughout

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Omar Bengebara, "Sir Ben" MD.,  is daily confronted with the fitness effect of the Hummmit.. He recommends the Hummmit as Fitness device beneficial to less stress and good fitness which improves wellbeing.

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