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Deep scraping motions between teeth and gums over the 10 minutes a day, heals

"gum-infection and bad breath", while you prevent it from coming back.

Dear Client and Colleague, Welcome  

Perhaps it's already known by many of us,  but all Dentists agree:    Gingivitis can be reversed by Brushing and Flossing more often. 

Chewing the "Brush & Floss" brush will massage the gums the only way to reverse gingivitis instead of temporarily masking the problem with special herbs, and oils, or others. Increasing the time we brush is a good remedy to reverse bleeding gums. It's Healthy, fun, and it assists the hard work of the Dentist and hygienist.

Total Convenience
This toothbrush has been developed to brush teeth more often than we do on average. It was developed by a Dutch dentist who combined brushing teeth with pleasure to promote a more healthy long teeth-life. Young and old can use this brush for healthy teeth.

Various tests and studies indicated that gum infections will disappear due to improved blood flow by better and more frequent brushing. Daily gentle gum massage will prevent the development of gingivitis.

No water required
This new "chewing-gum-brush" does not require your hands or water. It can be chewed like chewing GUM and because of the Xylitol and the minty taste, the production of saliva is increased for a convenient feeling, and what helps prevent also a dry mouth and dry gums.

The Advantages in a nutshell:

  • Gingivitis" is mainly caused by a combination of insufficient brushing and flossing resulting in poor blood flow to the gums causing infection (gingivitis). 

  • The Brush & Floss cleans teeth around and in between while it massages the gums. 

  • It's very pleasant to do. (Such as chewing a piece of gum).

  • Your teeth feel smooth and plaque and tartar free, clean and fresh. By regular use, this clean condition will stay for a long time.

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One pack contains 12 Brush & Floss, for hours of chewing. The flavor of the Natural peppermint, stays 5 times longer compared to Chewing Gum.


By holding the stem with the teeth making the chewing movement, will clean all area's including between the teeth and gums.

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Plaque build-up will disappear due to the scraping effect of the triangle-shaped bristles.

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