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Atlas Neck Gym

Relief & Prevention

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Scientifically proven results, Eliminating  Work-related neck & shoulder pain.  

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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2022.

We help you with Scientifically proven technique, Eliminating  Work-related Neck & Shoulder pain.  

"New" work-out for strong neck muscles

Scientifically result P<0.001*, Stretching and Strengthening against work-related neck & shoulder pain. (Europian Development)

Cervical vertebra protection

"Proactive" trained muscles are protectors of our Brachial Plexus,  joints, and the vertebrae which prevent pain and stiffness.

Proactive proven technique

The Atlas Gym technique strengthens among others the deep cervical flexor muscles which prevent pain during prolonged static postures. This proven technique* is also used for whiplash, weak ligaments, and muscle correction. Using the Atlas is a comfortable and motivating device which is essential for long-lasting results.  

Massage for overworked neck muscles or inflammation can be very effective for short term pain relief. For longer-term relief, it is essential that you include exercises for strengthening these muscles. In most cases, all of these muscles respond well to conservative management.

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Atlas DeLuxe. Splitt-Leather and Skin-friendly Anti-slip fixation, travel band, and safety Instructions.
$ 24.95
  (Exclusive shipping). 

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Atlas Budget. Nylon Velcro,

Skin-friendly anti-slip fixation, travel          band, and safety Instructions.      
$ 12.50   (Exclusive shipping). 

Atlas Instructions View & download 

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Training the neck muscles is often forgotten during most body workouts, while these muscles are important as we can't let go of our heads during our job for just one single moment. Well-maintained "Strong and Flexible" neck muscles are essential as they secure an optimal blood flow (Oxygen) to all parts of the head and shoulders, arms, and hands. Using this "Unique" handheld Atlas neck gym two to three times weekly, for just 5 minutes per session, works wonders and prevents and relieves scientifically shown* work-related neck & shoulder disorders. (Result in studies P<0.001).

Applications: Office workers, dentists and dental assistants, surgeons, doctors, medical students, gamers, programmers, and many physical activity sports. 

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The Atlas Neck Gym: Relief & Prevention.  A permanent solution.

  (Patent pending).

* Reference & Security

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