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Personal  experiences with the Humming Mask

"I am more than satisfied, I sleep better, my overall well-being and my health are back. The Humming Mask is a miracle!"

"I cannot be without my Humming Mask"

Ann-Margreth Van Anker 

"I have been using the mask for almost 4 years now. I sleep well again, and my blood pressure is great again, I am very happy with this product. Thank you."
Tom Nunes (New Mexico, USA)

"The past 40 years I suffered from chronic backache. After I started using the Humming Mask, it is completely gone."

Paul (The Netherlands)

"After using the mask for just a couple of months, the quality of my sleep improved. Good sleep is a huge issue."  

Mike Hall (Oklahoma) 

"The Humming Mask helped me to improve my sleep tremendously in a short time. Also my blood pressure is normal again." 

Anton van Gerwen (Sound healing Therapist in the Netherlands) 

"This device is the best purchase I have ever made. I spend a lot on my AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) without any noticeable results. After using this mask, I immediately experienced a recovery! I now have my driver license back and enjoy playing golf again :)"

Our Local and National Distributors 

More testimonials 


I started using the mask 2 years ago, as I liked to try it on my high blood pressure. Within days, my pressure came down from approx. 155/96 to 135/85, and for the past 2 years I reduced my beta-blocker intake to zero, and my blood pressure is in a constant healthy level. This thanks to the mask. Its working well.

Andréa Whiteball. (Swiss)  

Astrid Cornelissen.JPG

I am 51 years old and I have Hashimoto disease and therefore hypothyroidism (a slow-acting thyroid gland). I had muscle pain, I was tired, had problems with concentration and I did not sleep well. In my work as a dancer I was severely annoyed by this. Through a physiotherapy colleague I came in contact with the Humming Mask. I gave it the benefit of my doubt and started working with it. I immediately experienced positive effects. I found 20 minutes of humming with this mask so relaxing. Every time I got into a sort of intoxication, I became relaxed and let go of my thoughts and I regularly fell asleep. This became my afternoon routine to refuel. After this I could continue the day  with more energy. When I started to using the mask for longer sessions, I slept better at night, and I woke up well rested, often before the alarm clock. My muscle cramping has almost subsided and and my concentration has improved.

Hashimoto Testimonial

Hello dear Robert,

It's great that everyone benefits from the HM in a different way. My mom says she's gotten away from her hypothyroidism, and she's addicted to her Humming Mask! I also like to hear this as I introduced her to the mask. In any case, she has less problems with hair problems, and less tiered when she uses the HM. She is also doing much better on her constipation, but of course I'm not sure if that is only because of the HM. She was very depressed from her illness and now much more positive, and she looks better now too. We are very happy about that. I hardly dare to pronounce it, because I hope that the upward trend continues, even though she has had this disease for a long time.

For myself, I especially notice that I become calmer when I use the HM. use and I generally sleep better, deeper too, I think. I still find it difficult to breathe through the nose, because I breathed through my mouth for so long. I do pay attention and correct myself when I notice that I am breathing through my mouth again. 
Regards, Laura von E. Berlin.

Wife Roland.JPG

I am 44 and I am just married for a second time. My husband attended me on my behavior, especially on my depression, and my disturbing cold feelings. He told me to that we need to have a look in to that and when to my family doctor. It turns out that my thyroid was not working well and I was diagnosed with moderate Hashimoto. By one of my family I was informed about the Humming mask, and we got one and we started using it, as it did sounds promising and we were hoping for the best. After using it for some weeks, I felt so much better, I was more positive, and the strange cold feelings also disappeared. Also I did sleep better. Unfortunately, due to a move, I could not use the mask anymore for a 2 to 3 weeks, and I felt weaker again and tiered so fast.  
After approximately 3 weeks I got the mask back. I am using it every day again and with the same positive results as in the begin. I did send in this review on paper for the company as they ask me if we would do this. And we accepted that because I know that it can help also others like me. I am very pleased and I am thank full that I can use this Humming Mask in private surrounding. Thank you so much for this beautiful product.

Joan Bischopp, Vilaneuva, Philippines.     


My husband John (62) used to go to toilet 4 to 6 times a night. (This was a nightmare every time for him and me). Using the Humming Mask brought this back to 2 times a night. Only one time in the night after 4 or 5 hours sleep, and one time in the morning by waking up normal. This is because, as we find out, caused due to the NitricOxidee what helps the smooth muscles in the prostate to relax. This way pressure on the bladder reduces and the need for many toilet trips is normal again. My sleep next to my husband is improved also as he sleeps more easily.  My hubby and myself are really satisfied with this mask and the way it works. Highly recommend it.  Johnny and Emma W.

mr long face.jpg

At first I was a bit of a skeptic! After using this mask now for 5 months I am so happy I found it. My cold feet are gone, I sleep much better, and I love to use it before I go to bed. This machine is a miracle to me and now I use it daily to avoid stress.

Robert B. (Lake Elsenore. CA.)


Just a simple message for all with HIGH Blood.
My blood pressure was 160/97 fo a long time before using the mask,  and in just 10 days I am back to normal without any medication, amazing! I can't believe it,  but it's true!

Mike S.


My ophthalmologists said I had less fluid behind my macula & I did not need to have the injections at this time.  That is encouraging! I do not know if I can expect more improvement, but would welcome no further deterioration... I have still been using the Humming Mask & find it relaxing. I do think it has helped my eyes. I do not see some of the spots that I used to see when reading.

Thanks again for sending me the device, I appreciate it so much! 
Maya D. Redford. 

Steven King.JPG



Patient presented with a family history of acute arrhythmia. Having lost her father and her brother to cardiac issues, both expired while in hospital.

Patient was experiencing similar symptoms as her brother and became very concerned and sought out medical intervention, from known cardiologist. Various tests were performed confirming the clinical diagnosis, but no benefit or allay of symptoms were realized from taking prescribed Statins.

March 2017 the patient was introduced to the Humming Mask. Patient indicates that her arrhythmia is practically non-existent, her energy is up, no longer tired and exhausted, and has no choking feelings.

Patient uses mask for a minimum of 20 minutes daily, but can sometimes use up to 2 hours daily. Patient indicates that this is the best she has felt in years.  She continues to use the Humming Mask on a daily basis.

victor- test-2.jpg

I am 45 right now and had a mild stroke resulting from my high blood pressure. Two months later I had a stronger stroke and my hearing was about 90% gone. I could not walk anymore. My ability to speak was really affected. I was shocked. Still I have difficulties with talking (aphasia) but is improving every day. Thanks to the mask, my hearing is almost back as normal, and I can walk again.

Edwin B. Carmen,  PH.


Just to let you know. Today I called my therapist for a new appointment as I like to discuss my condition with him. I got that appointment for next week. He just told about your Humming mask. He has a long-term client that he treats for depression. She told him often that she slept so badly. He gave her another session with the mask after the normal treatment. She called the next day with the news that she had never slept so well.


I really recommend this Humming Mask for better sleep, because it works on my sleep every time I need it. Mostly in the middle of the night. I use it for 15 to 20 minutes, and sleep again deep and long, every day. It works very well for me.


The mask was recommended to me for my poor sleeping habits by a good friend who has used this mask for the past 2 years. After using the mask for two months, I find it really helps me sleep like I did before. It decreases my stress like meditation and I love to use it. I use the mask regularly and sometimes I read a book at the same time before I sleep. I love the mask!
L. Southworth, Seattle. US.

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