The Atlas Handheld Neck & Shoulder Gym

Relieves Text Neck, and shoulder disorders, without masking the problem.
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The Handheld Neck & Shoulder Gym©

Neck and shoulder disorders are due to excessive static muscles, which now can be trained personally and is joyful to do. By Increasing the blood flow "Text neck" and neck and shoulder disorders will disappear in days/weeks, without masking the problem.

Strengthening (Work-out) the muscles is scientifically proven to promote muscle function. It will loosen up the stiff muscles, relieve neck pain and cold neck, and makes sure it stays away. (Prevention).

The HandHeld Neck & Shoulder Gym.

Prize: $ 24.95 (Ex. shipping).

1- One Leather Headband with Anti-slip strips.
2- Two Elastic Bungee strings for strength control.
3- Control ring and Travel belt.
4- Exercises + Instructions and clear information.

Additional information
This Dutch design "Atlas" Neck Gym has been developed based on scientific research and ensures that the muscles become limber (flexible) and strong again. After stiffness (difficulties looking over the shoulder) and pains (nagging or stinging) have disappeared, just two times a week 5 minutes maintaining is sufficient to keep up the healthy muscles.

This technique is also used to treat whiplash and rehabilitation after strain for a durable result. The exercises are not tiresome but very pleasant to do and therefore inviting to perform. It does not temporarily mask the problem using single traction, electricity pulses, and/or heat, but this solution is durable and ensures that the problem does not come back easy. The gym stretches and it lengthens the muscles and makes each separate neck muscle flexible and strong again. The atlas gym is handy and can be used anywhere, home, office etc.

The special patented technique is using an adhesive silicone band for holding it nicely in place on the forehead without overtightening, making this gym comfortable and pleasant to use. The adhesive silicone is reusable and will last for years. After using the Atlas gym you will forget that you have ever had neck pain.

his Handheld Neck & Shoulder Gym is a Patent pending product with Design and Model protection registered under # OBPi-89405-01 © All rights reserved.

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