Attention: new developments on additional protection against covid-19!


Dear Colleague, Dear Doctor,


First of all, I would like to express my respect and admiration for all endless commitment in the fight against this devastating pandemic on behalf of all who need it.


As I am now speaking to an expert in profession in Health Care, I think I do not need to explain the importance of nasal breathing as opposed to oral breathing.  If so, we know that you are also familiar with nasal nitric oxide.  Until now, there was no effective system to comfortably prevent mouth breathing, which is why we like to present this important new development to your health organization in your country. Despite all the upcoming developed remedies and medications, such as ​​​​Pfizer-BioNTech and Molnupiravir, future adequate physical protection in the workplace remains important.


As numbers of infections and various new mutations are still on the rise, we have developed an effective way to ensure nasal breathing, helping all primary health care providers and workers who are the backbone in our fight against the virus.


I would like to inform you about this innovative product by referring to the enclosed link to our site/ page, for more detailed information.


Our main company BEAS int. (Asia) with a daughter company in the Netherlands, (Europe),  “Breathe and Sleep” is specialized in human respiration with over 12 years of experience in this field and just last year we founded Vital Health Inventions LLC in Florida to extend our operations in the U.S. 

This Intervention consists of a merger of two products from our product line resulting in the "INO-plus-Combo" which is a combination of a special easy to wear and stretchable Mouth Plaster and our ergonomic NasalVent nose dilator, to be used as additional preventive protection.

With the enclosed link to our website, (INO-Plus page)  I provide more details why the INO-Plus should be implemented asap and be made available for your health care professionals. Hoping that you are intrigued by this information and we look forward to work with your team, to contribute to this unprecedented fight in this destructive pandemic.


Anton Bende (medical Ergonomist)

Vital Health Inventions LLC

INO-Plus - Order Form


Product: INO-Plus.  (Packaging for internal / professional use).


INO-Plus Combo:               One set consist: 30 mouth plasters + one set NasalVent.  

INO-Nasal Separately:      One set of 5 sizes NasiVent + carry case + Instruction.

INO-Mouth Separately:     One set / 30 Stretchable mouth plasters + instruction.


Thanks for your order!