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The Hummmit, Audio Book as Basic information for optimal Breathing. (Read listing time approximately 12 to 16 minutes. 

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this short 15- to 20-minute audiobook is based upon research conducted by the author, Anton Bende, unless otherwise noted.  The publisher, Vital Health Inventions at the, and the authors present this information for educational purposes only.  This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions, nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions.  The author and the publisher are not trying to recommend specific treatments, or provide advice for the diagnosis, care, treatment, or rehabilitation of individuals. The information contained herein is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional.  Therefore, this information is intended to share the knowledge and information gained through the research and experience of the author.

Hello and welcome.  My Name is Anton Bende. I am an award-winning medical ergonomist, with more than twelve years of experience specializing in human breathing techniques.  I like to bring more clarity using detailed information about this important topic, as “Breathe is life”,  and the necessity of the awareness of correct breathing.   

In this short audiobook, you will find the basic information to maintain a healthier life and improved wellbeing by focusing a bit more on the important matter of breathing. 

Because most people don't have the time to read and research enough about the health of their own body and mind - the most beautiful and most important thing we have in this world – 

I came up with this very short but motivating audiobook from which you can benefit.  

Most authors like to make a short story long by using a lot of additional information.


I tried to keep this audiobook as brief as possible. It doesn’t need to stretch it out too long or be spread over many pages, as today we are able to look up information on the internet in minutes.

Twenty years ago, it could take days or weeks for searching libraries and private data banks. This way you can search in-depth fast to find out if our information has any value for you, which we believe it has.

So perhaps, when you come across some question(s) after reading this book, you can write it down and look it up on the internet by searching for reliable sites like or Some studies give you the right answer directly, and some don’t.  Either way, you can make up your own mind when you do have doubts or questions.

What is good to know is that scientists can have opposing conclusion(s), which is what research  maintains in general. This may also be the reason scientists go deeper into their subject so they can reach the point of misunderstanding.

This can be why we can sometimes find contradictory results. In most studies we do not find a straight “yes or no” answer. Most scientist people, humble and sincere, must be “careful” with their expression if something is right or wrong, true or false. 


In this audiobook I can be more specific, and will inform, based on my own experience, comparisons and reasoning performed according to principles of validity. This audiobook is also written in plain and simple English, German, France, and Spanish, just to make it more accessible for many people.

This small audiobook explains the importance and the basics of life and health – Breathing is oxygen - based on twelve years of experience, nine to ten years of looking at results, and seven years of seeing competitors growing in the field where I started twelve to fourteen years ago. When we explain to you the how and why, there is no doubt in my mind that you will say “ohh yes, you’re right.” 


Personal experience:

Approximately seventeen years ago in 2004, I had already thought a few times that my end was near. Not because I felt bad during the day, or I was ill, no but because I regularly woke up with an inexplicable feeling which did not make me happy at all. More than four times over a period of two months, I woke up and I had the feeling I would die. This was very scary, but I did not connect the dots immediately. At that time I had been sleeping on my own as a single person for two years or so, and I had no control over the way or manner in which I slept. More importantly, I had no control over my way of breathing, simply because I was on my own.

30% of all adults are single, so this is a significant problem. 


And yes, after I found the happiness of a new partner, it turned out that my way of breathing at night had taken a negative turn, as it turned out later I was suffering from a serious illness called sleep apnea.

My wife was really frightened, and she told me that sometimes I stopped breathing for a long time making her think I was dead.  Yes, I was not only snoring but stopped breathing many times at night while sleeping.

This problem made me thinking, and I started looking for a solution, but that mission was easier said than done. A good and comfortable solution was not available and this was why I was forced to develop an adequate solution myself.  Based on my profession as a medical ergo-nomist, I translated this problem into a new product called,  the NasiVent,  which ensured that I could always breathe through my nose and not through my mouth while sleeping.


This was for then a really simple concept. Now over twelve to fourteen years, it turned out to be the best and comfortable remedy for millions of people for many reasons including the following:


Breathing through the nose is important for:

Obtaining Nitric oxide for a better overall oxygenation, reducing aging, improve neurologic activity and preventing geriatric disorders like infections, dementia Alzheimer and low immunity in general.

The NasiVent, developed by me, fourteen years ago, is a nostril-dilator or nasal dilator that keeps the nostrils open while sleeping, even with the natural effects of the nasal cycle. To indicate that this is not a fake marketing story, you can view the patents I filed at the time: (Click here). This makes this important information more credible, and more reliable for the reader like you. I bring this proof of patent to your attention because the internet is full of falsehoods that one as a consumer must navigate. This way, you can check this information is not fake, and you can trust what you read and listen to here.

At the beginning of this audiobook, I indicated that I would try to keep it short and clear to avoid long-winded stories. For this, we go now directly to the underlying causes and the physical and mental effects known to date.

The magic word here is simple.  It is OXYGEN.

Many if not thousands of medical studies have been conducted focusing on the importance of adequate oxygen in our system. We spend a third of our lives in bed sleeping, and don't know how we breathe because we are unconscious. For the rest of the time,  two-thirds of the day, we don't care at all about the way we breathe. According to several studies, more than 60% of people breathe through the mouth and not the nose. This is not due the fact that we are all sports players and need our noses and mouths at the same time, but due to various different causes, such as hay-fever, allergies, colds, speaking with little or no remaining time for quiet nasal breathing, obstruction of the upper respiratory tract resulting in infections, sinusitis, and development of polyps. An unhealthy breathing cycle can be translated into many disorders over a long period of time.

The reason that you are reading this information about proper breathing right now is based on the fact that most of us are not well-informed enough. Therefore, we depend on other people regarding this topic specifically and our health in general. This makes it easy for that person to tell clients or patients what they want to hear, because there is no reference as to what we receive. We will take the information for granted, and we must believe and accept the advice.

However, in order to reinforce myself and our position in this argument, you do not have to take my word for it, and I have included the website of a trustworthy and high-visited website: This resource is formed and published by a group of doctors, and the information has only been public for less than a year now. Please pay particular attention to the “word” oxygen in this article, given how it is highlighted as important.

Mouth Breathing: Symptoms, Complications, and Treatments (

When is it OK to breathe through your mouth?
Breathing provides your body with the oxygen it needs to survive. It also allows you to release carbon dioxide and waste.

We have two air passageways to your lungs — the nose and the mouth. Healthy people use both their nose and their mouth to breathe.

Breathing through the mouth only becomes necessary when you have nasal congestion due to allergies or a cold. Also, when you are exercising strenuously, mouth breathing can help get oxygen to your muscles faster.Even so, breathing through the mouth all the time, including when you’re sleeping, can lead to problems.

What are the advantages of breathing through your nose?
The importance of your nose often goes unnoticed — until you have a bad cold. A stuffed-up nose can reduce your quality of life. It can also affect your ability to sleep well and function in general.

The nose produces nitric oxide, which improves your lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen. Nitric oxide increases the ability to transport oxygen throughout your body, including inside your heart. It relaxes vascular smooth muscle and allows blood vessels to dilate. Nitric oxide is also antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antibacterial. It helps the immune system to fight infections.

Advantages of nose breathing: The nose acts as a filter and retains small particles in the air, including pollen. The nose adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness in the lungs and bronchial tubes. The nose warms up cold air to body temperature before it gets to your lungs. Nose breathing adds resistance to the air stream. This increases oxygen uptake by maintaining the lungs’ elasticity. How do I know if I am breathing through my mouth?

You may not realize that you’re breathing through your mouth instead of your nose, especially while you sleep. People who breathe through their mouth at night may have the following symptoms:

Snoring, dry mouth, bad breath (halitosis), hoarseness, waking up tired and irritable, chronic fatigue, brain fog and dark circles under the eyes.

HEALTHLINE RESOURCE, TRANSFORM: Health Equity (source Mouth Breathing: Symptoms, Complications, and Treatments)( 

Now, and aside from this officially published information in this audiobook, you can find more details on our website: This is particularly for  but not limited to those people who want to know more about healthy and natural solutions for the relief of -sleep apnea, the roots of the problem and how to solve it comfortably. Also you will read about the value of our new Hummmit procedure which is not used only as a solution for sleep apnea but has many more benefits which you also can read about on our site.  

The developed products and the value of this products are simply based on the matter of how we breathe as oxygen is the most important element for our system, and we cannot get enough of it.

Nitric Oxide is the molecule of life, the discovery of which was awarded the Nobel prize in 1998. Since then,  thousands of studies have been conducted, explaining the necessity of it. This is the basic information you will find on our site to help you understand why it is important to give the subject more attention which you can discover in this site.