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THE HUMMMIT:  Reprogramming your mind with positive  AFFIRMATIONS  while you are in the state of Theta/Delta. Cognitive Behavior Technique (CBT) is a proven technique that can be performed as a home-use treatment.

The underneath video includes a list of 25 affirmations (Suggestions) for this CBT (Cognitive Behavior Technique), for a relieve or even eliminating Tinnitus (We call it phantom sound),  while using the Hummmit for high quality and fast result.  The video brings the affirmations in a special monotone-like voice and is used to avoid distraction for a finer absorption of the suggestions by the sub-conscious mind. During listing to the suggestion it is advised to visualize these affirmations (we see a picture in our mind) as much as possible. These visualizations are important, as our subconscious is sensitive to visualizations and will improve the desired effect. Results can be expected in two or three weeks when used on daily basis. Step by step increased changes will be noticeable.  After achieving the expected results, two weekly use of the Hummmit in combination with the suggestions is advised to maintain your effect until you are satisfied with the results.

We advise you to perform the treatment just before sleep while using headphones. When you like to use “in-ear” buds, do not close your ear canal completely, as the resonance of the mask will be too upfront, and will distract the treatment.  

The length of the video is approximately 6.5 minutes and can be used directly on this site to view and listen, or only listen, and plays continue for more programs behind each other. After finishing the programs, you can take off your headphone and the mask, and go to sleep,  or go on with your activities. Please make sure the sound in the video is activated and you can enter a full-screen video. The video is played in a loop until you stop playing. You can also download the video on your own device. pls Click "HERE"

NOTE:  In the morning after waking up, most people are more sensitive than later in the day. This is because of the result of the objective silence for hours while sleeping at night. By waking up the sensitive cochlea can cause this effect which will fade away slowly by walking into the day.

1 X 25 affirmations, 6.20 minutes.

3 X 25 affirmations, 19 minutes for one program (22 minutes) 

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