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Tinnitus is a growing modern health problem, that affects many people of all ages. The figures differ, but an approximation of about 15% of all adults is realistic. In addition to various interventions to fight tinnitus, there are many videos and apps on the internet as promising sound therapies to relieve tinnitus. These types of programs are actually the only home or self-help programs available that attempt to help relieve tinnitus. In one of the most recent 2019 studies* on tinnitus, we learn that these sound programs are safe but not effective. In fact, these therapies are not recommended because of possible "overtreatment". In this extensive (European) study we can read that only one therapy recommended is; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

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Today we know more about the human mind and we know that our "subconscious" mind is responsible for 95% of our behavior, and interactions. When needed, we can change our subconscious by using CBT (cognitive-behavioral treatment). This technique has now been proven as an overall other "possible" tinnitus treatment and, according to this study*, is called the most effective treatment for alleviating tinnitus and severe tinnitus.

Tinnitus involves perceiving a sound or sounds in the head without an external source. Annoying (disturbing) tinnitus can be described as a negative emotional and auditory experience associated with actual or potential physical or psychological damage.  Objective tinnitus is defined as the perception of a sound where a physical source is generated in or near the ear. An outside observer can perceive objective tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus does not involve an identifiable sound source and thus cannot be heard on examination. It is caused by abnormal activity in the auditory brain system.  Subjective tinnitus is a very complex condition with a multifactorial origin and therefore heterogeneous patient profiles. In most people, tinnitus cannot be traced back to medical causes and no curative treatment is available. Standard treatment, assessment, and referral pathways are poorly defined, not well established, and often insufficient.

The lack of standard guidelines leads to untreated, under-and over-treated patients. This leads to increasing complaints, long-term suffering and loss of social participation, overuse of health care, and endless referral (from general MD to specialist and back),  processes, resulting in psychological, social and economic burden. Therefore a-harmonized guideline for the assessment and treatment of tinnitus is created.* Implementation of this guideline will significantly increase the effectiveness of tinnitus assessment and treatment, leading to less suffering and frustration for patients, their families and clinicians.

When we know more about the possibilities to relieve Tinnitus, we will find that for this moment, the most successful treatment is the use of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)*.  CBT is practiced by coaches or mental health specialists, and/or rehabilitation centers, but no effective home remedy was available.

Introducing;  the Hummmit.  (the Humming mask)

The Hummmit was developed, as a device to activate our Natural Nitric Oxide (NO) originated from our sinuses.  Due to the multifunctionality of Nitric Oxide, it can be used for different health problems, and also applied as home-use device to improve the effect of CBT. By increasing our NO level, we improve the quality of this treatment, especially in terms of oxygen exchange (oxygenation), and the quality of cognitive results, as Nitric Oxide as a neurotransmitter enhances our short and Long term memory.


This will accelerate and improve the effectiveness of the treatment. (Results within weeks are achieved which can be maintained). Increased Nitric Oxide also improves reaching the state of Theta/Delta for a smooth stress release and relaxation as an important element for success in this treatment in the fight against tinnitus.    

Aside from the studies which explain the function of CBT to relieve tinnitus, underneath you will read in detail how this

treatment works in relation to the Hummmit.

Within this technique, we use the complimentary video with, affirmations or suggestions used to change the awareness of the tinnitus. The video with affirmations (click HERE) is used in combination with the Hummmit for an intensive absorption of the affirmations for a successful and durable result when we are in the state of Theta/Delta, for clear positive CBT results**. 

The Hummmit is used as a relaxing device that will enhance the effect of affirmations send to our sub-consciousness (CBT)  after reaching (in minutes) the state between Theta and Delta frequencies. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to motivate patients to learn to change their psychological response to the tinnitus by identifying and reinforcing coping strategies, distraction skills, and relaxation techniques. Several studies have shown an advantage over control patients in reducing tinnitus-related distress.

In the enclosed most recent published European study we can read that the only correct advice for the treatment of tinnitus is CBT*.

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For home use, before sleep, in  rest or meditation. 

The Biological effect

The above solution to relieve tinnitus, is related to the use of the Hummmit, due to the effect of an increased Nitric Oxide (NO) whitch improves the result of CBT. Sufficient "inhaled Nitric Oxide" originated from the sinuses, results in enhanced neurotransmission in the limbic system received through the olfactory bulb. Nitric Oxide will follow the same route as we smell nice food or dangerous gas affecting our behavior, resulting in hunger feeling or checking the origin of the gas on danger. This will affect our cognitive behavior as wanted, while we are in between the state of theta and delta and "open" for new suggestions.

Nitric Oxide has shown to improve our long term memory (sub-consciousness) and short memory (consciousness) depending on the neuro (NO) activities which also is needed for the results of the treatment. Nitric Oxide also improves relaxation and the release of stress as we reach quickly the state of theta/delta. (fig.1.) Using the Hummmit is comfortable and wonderful to do and after a session just before going to sleep, it also improves significantly the quality of sleep itself. (Also medically proven results) (Click HERE) 

limbic system 1-sleep-green.jpg

Fig.1 Inhaled Nitric oxide (iNO) from the sinuses, is activated by the Hummmit to enhance the change of our subconsciousness.   

All taken together and since Nitric Oxide is a multifunctional molecule, it is used as an aid within different mentioned interventions for a more intensive and faster successful result. 

1- Cognitive Behavioral Therapies*

  --> A multidisciplinary European guideline for tinnitus: (Click HERE

2- Cognitive Behavioral Therapies**
  --> Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Tinnitus: Evidence and Efficacy. (Click

3- Involvement of nitric oxide in learning & memory processes**

  --> Subconciousenes suggestion therapy. (Click HERE)

Underneath you will find a view of the medical Recommendations as a result of the Multidisciplinary Europian Guideline for Tinnitus today. 



There is no evidence for ethnic effectiveness of drug treatments specifically for tinnitus but evidence for potentially significant side effects recommendation is based on systematic refused and randomized trials

Cochlear implants.


Cochlear implantation is recommended only for patients meeting the hearing loss criteria for candidacy. Recommendation for tinnitus based on evidence for safety but low-level evidence of effectiveness

Hearing aids.


Hearing aids are recommended for the management of hearing loss and should be considered as an option for patients with tinnitus and hearing loss. Recommendation is based on evidence of effectiveness and safety in RCTs of hearing aids for hearing loss and tinnitus, and systematic reviews considering hearing aids for tinnitus



There is evidence for safety but no evidence for the effectiveness of transcranial electrical stimulation for tinnitus. Recommendation is based on systematic review and RCTs.

Vagus nerve stimulation.


There is evidence for safety but insufficient evidence that vagus nerve stimulation treatments have effects on tinnitus. Recommendation is based on the lack of RCTs or systematic review.

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.


No consistent evidence that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation is effective for tinnitus and no evidence that it is safe in the long term. Recommendation is based on systematic reviews.



Acoustic CR® neuromodulation is safe but there is no high-level evidence of effectiveness. Recommendation is based on systematic review.

Invasive neurostimulation treatments.


There is no high-level evidence for the effectiveness or safety of invasive treatments for tinnitus. Recommendation is based on lack of RCTs or systematic review.

Cognitive behavioural therapy


There is high-level evidence for the effectiveness and safety of CBT for tinnitus. Recommendation is based on systematic review and one further RCT.

Tinnitus retraining therapy


There is evidence for safety but little high-level evidence for the effectiveness of TRT. Recommendation is based on availability of one RCT and two systematic reviews.

Sound therapy


There is evidence for safety but little high-level evidence for the effectiveness of sound therapy. Recommendation is based on RCTs and a systematic review.

Dietary and alternative therapies


There is evidence that dietary and alternative therapies (e. g. Ginkgo biloba, melatonin, zinc, or other dietary supplements) have no proven efficacy and pose potential harm in the management of tinnitus. Recommendation is based on RCTs and systematic reviews with methodological concerns.

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