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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated July. 2022.

Listen&Read approx 4min.

The hummm-it, Natural Humming device to clear out Chronic sinusitis.


Chronic sinusitis is a constantly recurring problem for many to struggle with.

Nasal sprays salt flushes and so-called infrared-phototherapy treatments have been tried over and over, but these treatments masking only the symptoms temporarily and are not labeled as completely curative treatments. Also an antibiotic is not an answer because it does not work on fungi or viruses and only on bacteria. 

Quote: Viruses cause most sinus infections, but bacteria can cause some sinus infections. Source: CDC.Gov-USA   


The real solution lies at the root of what is a common infection "in the sinuses"  itself. But to reach the infected location, we need to bypass the Ostium's. To clear out the ailment at the roots has always been the problem because the infected sinus area with fluid is positioned lower than the ostium(s) (fig.1.-Ostium)

The solution
This constant recurring problem has now been solved with the use of the Hummm-it, a facial massage mask which through natural "humming frequencies", activates the "Nasal Sinus Air" (NSA) in our sinuses for comfortable breathing. The NSA contains a proven working  Natural molecule (Nitric oxide) that can eliminate the cause responsible for the development of sinusitis infection and growing polyps. The development of the Hummm-it is based on official medical tests that have been published, proving its function.
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The hummm-it has been on the market as a natural sleep aid for some time, but had not yet been presented as a remedy for sinusitis and polyps. The effect is substantiated by various scientific studies published on the internet.


Using the Hummm-it provides relief immediately after the first day and completely after some days or weeks, depending on the severity. With regular follow-up treatment, the condition stays away.

For the sake of clarity, we would like to answer the most frequently asked question;
If we need the air from our sinuses as a solution against the sinusitis, and they are infected how come it still works?

The answer to this is that in most cases not all six sinuses are infected and these, even one, can be used for the air we need. A reason not to wait too long with the application.


A lot is promised on the internet the reason why we offer the "risk-free" purchase. You can now use the Hmmm-it for three months (90 days). If it doesn't work for you, you will receive a 100% refund of your purchase, guaranteed by PAYPAL (safe order) when you order via Paypal.


Your team the Hummm-it.


Shipping time is between 2 and 6 days (depending on availability and destinations in the USA).  Shipping offices: New Mexico, Boston, Florida, the Netherlands for Europe, and the Philippines for Asia. You can find the  International shipping rates on the order page by ordering. 

The function of the Hummm-it 'Nitric Oxide' is scientifically confirmed without any negative side effects.
A fact check by the New York Times. (Click HERE)

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Fig.1.  The simple explanation of why all existing products are symptom fighters and do not clear the real cause is because the infection is not completely removed. Using the Hummm-it eliminates the germs by optimal unobstructedly free-breathing (ventilation), and keep it from coming back. (Proven). 

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Investment in Wellbeing

The price of the mask seems high, ($298.50). But this is very cost-effective with an equivalent to $2.75 per week counted over 2 years for optimal health. Compared to alternatives that don't work well, the Hummm-it is a valuable and sustainable solution for years.  (Now you have 90 day's risk-free try-out)

What's in the Box:

1- 1x Hummmit "Base" (programmable base)
2- 1x Face mask 
3- 2 Set of 3 Hygenic Silicone face pads (reusable)
4- 2 Set Soft 3 Hygenic foam face pads
5- 1 Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes)
6- 1- Wall power supply
7- 1- Manual Quick Start
8- 1- Travel Case
9- One-year product warranty.


Try it now Risk-free

We do have a Holiday discount
10% off

(Use code: HOLIDAY2022)
Reference:  Two of many studies on the positive effects of Nitric oxide on Sinusitis and polyps.

Paradoxical low nasal nitric oxide in nasal polyposis
Quote: Successful treatment, with a reduction in polyp volume, was associated with a rise in NO levels (P = 0.042)

Nitric Oxide and the Paranasal Sinuses
  Why are humans equipped with paranasal sinuses? This question has occupied researchers in the area for hundreds of years.

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