The ultimate ONE way “QUIT” Smoking plan.

Using the Multi functional Humming Mask. 

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Reading time 4 to 6 minutes

Cigarettes, cigars, oral chew, it’s only the nicotine we are hooked on.

But your need to nicotine is not your biggest enemy.

Your biggest enemy in the fight to a better health is:  

Therefore  its a good reason to know more.  We urge you to read the whole

page as you will find your answer to your health by knowing the complete picture. 

Research shows: almost 65% of all the people who do smoke like to quit

definitively, because "inside" we all know: it’s dangerous to our health.


Than, in general, a benchmark collect from different countries, research shows that only 6% of the people who do like to stop smoking is successful and stay away from smoking for longer than ONE year. But then, after 12 to 14 months 45% of the 6% falls back in relapse, meaning that only 3% is successful. This problem is now definitive solved with the "One way Quit".  When you like to quit now, and you like to win the race, we can help you definitive,

without gum, pads, sprays or group sessions etc. 

the mask

Pricing: We will not hold the solution as a

secret to the end of this page, but we inform

you right now that the machine you will need is the


Your investment will be: $259.- inclusive shipping and one year warranty on all parts. We will reimburse you when you are not 100% satisfied, or you will not end up in success.

The above price offer is a promotional

applied as a temporarily pilot.  Depending on

the country you live in, your ROI will within  the

4 to 12 weeks. 

(ROI = Return on Investment)

Please read further why we can offer you this success 

formula and why it works for everyone without effort.

Craving for something exist because of the interaction between body and mind.

In case of smoking, the body is missing the (chemical) nicotine,

needed for new, or more dopamine (the happy hormone).

After that, the ORDER is send to the brain: “Look for more nicotine”.

Then you will drop all you are doing and you go for a new cigarette.

Sometimes it’s even eviler;  You don’t think anymore

but just take one en light one up.

And this is exactly why the ONE way Quit formula will work.

"Its all about our sub-consciousness"

Our sub-consciousness is the one who over a long time is programmed in a wrong way.

If your sub-consciousness is programmed in a way that you don’t need

nicotine to receive the needed dopamine, you don’t need to grab a

cigarette,  a cigar, or a chew anymore. 

"This is not magic, no philosophy, but this is a proven physical process".

The solution:

What, ... when we could change our sub-consciousness mind ?

 By then our conscious mind will follow the new drive and the new orders of our

sub-consciousness mind and receive the reward without cravings anymore.

This is because our consciousness always follows our sub-consciousness mind for

at least 94%. (This is a proven fact). 

A interesting example on how our sub-consciousness can be influenced 

was proven by the use of "subliminal messages", what is banned in many countries to use it in advertisements, as it could be a tool for to bypass our privacy.  

Quote: The surprising impact of subliminal messages on rational, intentional, conscious behavior lends subliminal protocols to practical applications, of which advertising is just one example. (Source: )


In general, this is what personal coaches, psychologist, one on one trainers,

discussion groups, and hypnotherapists like to achieve when working with you.  

They all actually have the same goal; changing our sub-consciousness mind to

influence our behavior while we remain good feelings.


What is the mask and how does it work?   

The solution to reach your goal is to invest in the multi-functional Humming Mask, a face massage machine that will activate our (natural) bio-nitric oxide, (NO) what will be used for a fast and durable natural adoption of suggestions you can give yourself while you are in a state of resting, relaxing or even meditating. You will be in the "Theta Beta" state  and In between your subconscious  and your unconscious mind.  

What is Nitric oxide (NO)?
Nitric oxide was discovered  in 1999, by three doctors who received the 
Nobel price for it, and it was called also the molecule of the century due to the many aspects of it.  Vital Health Inventions, developed the mask to activate the Nitric oxide (NO) originated from the sinuses.  When activating the NO, we are able to inhale this molecule.   

Over the last 10 years, more and more scientific research is done on how our brain is working, and how we can use it in optimal manner. We can follow brain activity, we can follow brain waves and we can make scans from local changes etc.  But none of the above treatments or tests can change our sub-consciousness mind, in a way that we can use it for cognitive behavior.


The Humming mask is different

The Humming mask is working on activation our Bio-nitric oxide originated form our sinuses who are major producers of NO* (see attached study).  When using the mask the air in our sinuses is resonating, and will be forced out the sinuses. It will flow through the ostiums in our nasal cavities where it can be inhaled. There the NO will be in contact with the soft tissue for absorption in the bloodstream as neurotransmitter in to our brain. This happened fast. You can compare this with the smell of nice food, or dangerous gas, as your sub-consciousness mind can recognize this in a split second, after inhaling.


The basic function of the humming mask in rehabilitation of our sub-consciousness, is by using this Nitric oxide molecule.  Studies show that NO as neurotransmitter will enhance our process of our learning ability and it will increase our long-term-memory. See attach study as proof to you**


For now it is proven that our "consciousness mind" is connected and trust our sub-conscious 

mind, for all actions and behavior.  A very clear example of this connection is that we sometimes “we need to dive deep” to find a name or memory we do not use often. Then we are “searching’ in our sub-/un-conscious.

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With all above information on a row, the manner that the Humming Mask can help you is the following: 

How the Humming Mask© works.

  1. By using the Humming Mask© we inhale the activated air from our sinuses  including the increased  natural Bio-Nitric oxide (NO) enhancing mental acceptance for learning and recording (Memory) the new suggestions. We find a similar process with infants recording all new impressions as they grow up.

  2. The inhaled Bio NO is directly absorbed by the mucus layer in the nasal cavities. The same way when a smell is noticed and immediately in a split second registered by the brain. (nice smell of food and drinks, dangerous gases, etc.).

  3. The NO is transported into the bloodstream to the brain and enhances the learning and recording capability through the neuroplastic effect on the un-(sub)-conscious mind (Pls. read the study below)**  Old information will be overwritten by the given new thoughts and opinions which are rapidly accepted by our subconsciousness.

  4. New healthy "anti-addiction" suggestions obtained from your personal list, will be recognized and stored while using the Humming Mask©.

  5. After that, the list of suggestions, pictures, recalled memories etc, stored in our subconscious mind is further used by new sessions using the mask for further positive progressions and maintaining. 

  6. The more we reintegrate the new suggestions available while using the mask, the stronger it will influence our cognitive behavior.

  7. Cravings, fear, depressions, and emotional desires, the fundamental elements of our behavior, will change gradually in positive actions while relaxing and meditating using the mask.

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So how we go from here..?

The formula works by the following steps:

  1. From the site you can download a list of suggestions you need to read and repeat for yourself while using the mask.

  2. This will be done when you use the mask and you are in a relaxed surrounding, where you cannot easy disturbed.

  3. This list of suggestions you need to go over while you connect the pictures next to the suggestions in your mind. This will be very relaxing, as you are the one who determine how fast you like to proceed on it.

  4. While relaxing enjoying the soft vibrations and resonance of the mask the Nitric Oxide will work on your learning capability and your-long-term memory.  

  5. The sessions are in time periods of 22 minutes a day minimal, but some people use it in the start more like  2 or 3 sessions a day. this is personal.  

  6. After 7 to 10 days, you cravings will be gone, and you can come down in use to 3 or 4 sessions a week.  

  7. After 3 to 4 weeks, you can suffice met only ones a week a session of 22 minutes, although many people will use it more frequently as it is relaxing and man will use all  benefits the NO will bring. 

After a success full result. 

After the ending your "One way Quit"  program, it is advised to behold your mask, and do not give it way to friends of loved ones. Your mask can help you again, in stormy weather...  Some people will notice difficulties in and start to be weak or vulnerable when significant changes  occur in life. To avoid even the smallest negative thoughts, you can grab you mask and maintain you subconscious for a couple of days. Beside that, people on a certain age, can use the Humming mask on daily or weekly bases to maintain the level of NO for a increased immune and stronger health. 

But don't take our word for it 

We understand that, especially to day, internet is full of products with high level of promises. Because of that we do advice you, when you are not 100% certain to order yet, you undertake your own research on the topics and advice's we gave you here in this page. You will notice that all what passed in this page/site is backed up with evidence and scientific research. 


By ordering the mask, especial for the "One way Quit" smoking program, your Return on Investment (ROI) aside from your increased health, will be as fast as the components for this ROI will be. 

In a situation of a person who is smoking 10 cigarettes a day, living in the UK, the ROI in money will be approximately in less then 42 days.  A person who smoke a packet in 24 hours, her or his Return  on investment will be only 4 weeks. This is not the first ambition of the project, but in some countries to be addictive to nicotine can be very costly.