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The anti-Gingivitis Brush & Floss Chewing Gum Brush.

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7448149995932: 7448126295246
Humming Mask: AVP-US

The Chew & Floss Brush..
TWO Month supply 5 bags of 12 for 60 days chew ON the GO!


Nice and wonderful to do.
With Natural mint flavor and 100% Xylitol.

Dental Hygiene on the go! This chew brush eliminates gingivitis in days, due to deep brushing and more frequent brushing. Brush 20 to 30 minutes spread over the day, instead of a QUICK one minute before sleeping and one minute in the morning.......

More intensive brushing is the all-round advice of all dentists. But unfortunately in general we just brush not more than 2 minutes a day. More frequent brushing is improving the blood flow in the gums preventing bleeding gums. Don't mask the problem with herbal astringents to stop bleeding. Just massage the gums using the chew brush daily. The chewbrush will reach all teeth and molars and in between... Chew brush daily and say "bye-bye" to gingivitis for good. Incredibly pleasing and relaxing to do.

Be aware..... Most people can't stop chewing the brush!

Kids love it, Moms trust it !

Team Chew&Floss.

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