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"The Hummm-it" For Chronic Sinusitis and Polyps. Scientific Proven remedy.

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Humming Mask: Vital Health Inventions

The Hummm-it face Massage device. the "Natural" Humming solution.

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The Hummm-it is the only “Sinus Air" activating system, which activates our Nitric Oxide (NO), by using the Humming frequency >90 to <105 hertz to reverse and prevent (Chronic) Sinusitis, and allergies. (Scientifically substantiated). Natural Sinus Air (nSA) contains the Bio-molecule 'Nitric Oxide' that will clean the sinus infection caused by germs like Viruses, Fungi, and also Bacteria.

Most sinusitis infections are viral. (82%+). (Chronic and acute). Antibiotics work on only bacteria and not on viruses. In case of a viral infection, Not all the pus that is present cannot be removed. (see picture #2) Not by flush not by laser not by salt, etc. Surgery is a possible solution here, but in most cases not permanently still due to the lack of Nitric Oxide and poor ventilation. When using the Hummm-it we inhale in a comfortable way Nitric Oxide. (Sinus air ventilation). Infection(s) and polyp(s) will be eliminated due to the NO. (No masking).

When using the Hummm-it will enhance at the same time our "Recovery" (deep) sleep, based on improved hormones needed for natural sleep quality. Nitric Oxide is also a strong immunity enhancer that we can use especially in this uncertain time.

The function of the Hummm-it;
The function of Nitric Oxide is scientifically confirmed without any negative side effects. To read a fact-check by the New York Times. (Click HERE)
Are you considering surgery or a visit to a hospital? please, read this information first;

Sinus air effect on polyps’ Scientific studies;
“US national Library”; 296 subjects with Polyps show significantly lower NO molecules.
Study “Springer CMLS” Quote: Decreased NO levels in the upper airways could favor mucociliary dysfunction and participate in chronic infections. (Studies are available at the site; page sinusitis).

The Hummm-it, is a drug-free massage (Humming) treatment for Sinusitis, polyps relief, allergies, insomnia, and more. The function of Nitric Oxide is scientifically proven. The Mask is NOT used through the night but is used just before sleeping for 22 minutes, or longer depending on personal necessity.

How the Hummm-it works:

1- The technique works with dynamic motors, resonating softly (Humming) between 90> and <105 hertz. It activates the air in our sinuses and our natural (Bio) Nitric Oxide. Using the mask is very relaxing to do.
2- At the start, it is used daily, 22 to 44 minutes before going to sleep. (Use in the daytime is also possible, this is on personal preference).
3- After a few days/weeks, depending on the severity of the infection, when the infection is cleared out, maintenance by approximately fortnightly will be sufficient.
4- Inflammation(s) will be the discomfort of the past and will sustain by using the Hummm-it so now and then.
5- This treatment uses our Natural Nitric Oxide which is permanently available from our sinuses. Nitric Oxide is scientifically proven to work. Artificial Inhaled Nitric Oxide is also FDA approved.

General Benefits:

  • Cost-effective over the years of use. (approx. $2.- per week over 2/3 years).
  • Sinusitis free, by Natural technique.
  • long effective treatment (No temporary symptom masking).
  • No side effects or addiction.
  • No interaction with other medication(s).
  • The massage technique is EMA (Europe) and FDA (USA) Accepted.
  • Patented utility product, European Development & Design.
  • Three months (90 days) try-out for a full refund. (PayPal covered).

What's in the Box:

1- 1x Hummmit "Base" (programmable base / No smart-phone needed)
2- 1x Face mask
3- 2 Set of 3 Hygenic Silicone face pads (reusable)
4- 2 Set Soft 3 Hygenic foam face pads
5- 1 Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes)
6- 1- Wall power supply
7- 1- Manual Quick Start
8- 1- Travel Case
9- One-year product warranty.

Try it now Risk-free for 90 days (Three months) Not satisfied with money back.
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