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NSA Combo. MAGNETIC Mouth tape + NasalVent balance

NSA Combo
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4-month supply (120 nights Reusable LipRight® + NasalVent).

Delivery Within 2 x 24 HOURS.
+USPS Track & trace.

The NSA Combo ensures optimal oxygenation + Nitric Oxide to the Brain and body.
Resulting in a free Early morning headache awakening. (Scientifically proven).

Vital Health Products has 13 years of experience in human breathing. The Award-winning Ergonomist Anton F.M. Bende (ME) developed a comfortable solution against unhealthy breathing habits while sleeping. The NSA Combo is the final solution to early Headaches and snoring, based on the natural aspects of how the upper airways work. In most cases, CPAP and BIPAP become redundant.

The No Snore Assure Combo® (NSA Combo ®) comes with an unlimited, 100% satisfaction warranty.(Covered via Paypal security).

Vital Health Products PH. as the developer of the first ergonomic Nose dilator "NasiVent®", has helped already millions of people since 2009, and has now also developed the first comfortable but above all "SAFE" magnetic mouth tape for children and adults. This development was made possible by the discovery of very powerful Neodymium " Nano-magnets" late 2021. The NasiVent nose dilators in this combo are subscribed by 900+ ENT doctors in Germany. (
With the use of Lip-Right® made of Medical silicone with a magnetic closure technique, the feeling of suffocation and skin irritation is prevented as all Oral / mouth functions remain possible. One of these functions is Yawning, which is important for better falling asleep due to Stress release and emotion control as we yaw. (Scientifically proven). As a result, LipRight® has been also quickly accepted by children and very young children. (Semie Reusable: Saving the environment).
The NSA Combo pros:
1. Safe, Gentle reminder magnetic closure technique.
2. No Oral breathing restrictions.
3. Oral freedom for all functions.
4. Skin-healthy 'medical' silicone.
5. Painless removable plaster.
6. Reusable. - Environmental friendly.
7. One package can be used for 4 months (120 days).
8. Sizes available for Adults and juniors.

(LipRight is a Patent Pending* product).

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