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NO Snore Assure Combo. The NEW MAGNETIC Mouth tape + NasalVent balance

NSA Combo
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No Snore Assure Combo - Lip-Right Mouth Tape Solution.

"Reusable supply for 120 nights"
Snoring for 80+ % is caused by mouth breathing, which is caused by the loss of the natural vacuum between the tongue and the palate. (Roof of the mouth).
Using LipRight keeps the mouth closed (100% Comfortabel) and the NasalVent assures free Nasal breathing.
Vital Health Products PH. has 13 year+ experience in human breathing and the Award winning Ergonomist Anton Bende developed the final solution for unhealthy breathing habits.

This Combo is the final solution based on the natural aspects of how the upper airways work.
CPAP and BIPAP in in many cases become redundant..

The No Snore Assure Combo. comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty.
Vital Health Products PH as the developer of the first ergonomic Nose dilator "NasiVent", has helped millions of people since 2009, and has now also developed the first comfortable but above all "SAFE" mouth tape for children and adults. This development was made possible by the discovery of very powerful "Nano-magnets", in late 2021. NasiVent nose dilators are subscribed by 900+ ENT doctors in Germany. (
With the use of Lip-Right made of Medical silicone with magnetic closure, the feeling of suffocation and skin irritation is prevented and all mouth functions remain possible. One of these functions is Yawning, which is highly important for better falling asleep due to Stress release, and emotion control.
As a result, LipRight has been also quickly accepted by children.
No Snore Assure Combo is available through Google Shopping. Or Go TO:
Introducing: LipRight©, the NEW Magnetic Silicon Reusable "SAFE" mouth plaster.
(Reusable: Saving the environment).
The NSA Combo pros:
1. Secure magnetic closure technology.
2. No Oral breathing restrictions.
3. Mouth free for all functions.
4. Skin-healthy 'medical' silicone.
5. Painless removable.
6. Reusable.
7. One package is valid for 4/5 Months+ (120 Days)
8. Sizes for Adults and Junior.

(LipRight is a Patent Pending* product).

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