Insomnia Sleep aid "The Hummm-it" for your Recovery Sleep.

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The Hummm-it face Massage device. "Natural Humming" solution.

Insomnia relief works on activated Sinus Nitric oxide. 100% natural humming and scientifically confirmed. More info: "My Recovery-Sleep"

The Hummm-it, is a-drug-free treatment for insomnia, anxiety, and depression, with no side effects. The Mask is NOT used through the night. The mask is used just before sleeping for 20 minutes, or longer depending on the severity, and personal requirement.

  • Natural 100%
  • Effective treatment
  • No side effects
  • No addiction
  • No medication interaction
  • Inhaled N.O. is EMA (Europe) and FDA (USA) Approved
  • Patented product Europian Development & Design
  • More details "My Recovery-Sleep"

What's in the Box:

1- 1x Hummmit "Base" (programmable base)
2- 1x Face mask
3- 2 Set of 3 Hygenic Silicone face pads (reusable)
4- 2 Set Soft 3 Hygenic foam face pads
5- 1 Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes)
6- 1- Wall power supply
7- 1- Manual Quick Start
8- 1- Travel Case
9- One-year product warranty.

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