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CPAP Alternative. Makes you sleep Natural again. Scientific Proven remedy.

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Humming Mask: Vital Health Inventions

The Hummm-it face Massage device. "the Natural Humming" solution.

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CPAP machine not tolerated? Use the Hummm-it as a ‘proven’ comfortable solution.
The Hummm-it is the only alternative for a CPAP against sleep apnea, which brings back your normal sleep habit. The hummm-it resonates with our Sinus Air, containing Nitric Oxide. The humming vibro-effect controls the hormones and the mucus balance.

In combination with the NasalVent for a free-breathing sensation and sinus cavity ventilation, snoring and sleep apnoea (apnea) will disappear, without using a CPAP or BiPAP. You can try the Hummm-it for 3 months risk-free, based on a Paypal return warranty.

CAUTION: The Hummm-it will not work (anymore) for people who do suffer already from excessive sleep apnea. Additionally, it will not always work for people who use a CPAP already for longer than 12 months, because the muscles around the diaphragm for 'breathing movements' are seriously weakened because they no longer have to work already for a long time. Using a CPAP or BiPAP implicates, unfortunately, the danger over time, that one can no longer do without a CPAP or BiPAP.
Also the Hummm-it system is not working for people who do smoke cigarettes or use similar products.

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Success is guaranteed. You have a three months risk-free try-out.

The Hummm-it, is a drug-free massage (Humming) treatment for sleep apnea and also prevents sleep apnea, (OSA). Its also used for sinusitis relief, insomnia, and more. The function of inhaled Nitric Oxide is scientifically proven and FDA approved. The Mask is NOT used through the night but is used just before sleeping for 20 minutes, or longer depending on personal necessity.

How it works in practice:

1- The mask works with dynamic motors, and resonates softly (Humming technique) between 90 and 105 hertz. It activates the air in our sinuses containing our natural Nitric Oxide. Using the mask is very relaxing.
2- At the start, it is used daily, 20 to 40 minutes before going to sleep. (Use in the daytime is also possible).
3- After a few days or weeks, depending on the severity, when the infection is gone, maintenance by approximately twice a week before sleep will be sufficient.
4- The CPAP discomfort and OSA will be a problem of the past and will sustain by using the Hummm-it so now and then.
5- This treatment using NO is scientifically proven.
6- Caution: The Hummm-it works only for OSA (Obstructed Sleep Apnea) and not on CSA (Central Sleep Apnea).

General Benefits:

  • Cost-effective over the years of use. ( approx. $2.- per week over 3 years )
  • Sleep apnea-free, and Natural remedy.
  • Effective treatment.
  • No side effects or addiction
  • The massage technique is EMA (Europe) and FDA (USA) Accepted.
  • Patented utility product, European Development & Design
  • Three months (90 days) try-out for a full refund.

What's in the Box:

1- 1x Hummmit "Base" (programmable base / No smart-phone needed)
2- 1x Face mask
3- 2 Set of 3 Hygenic Silicone face pads (reusable)
4- 2 Set Soft 3 Hygenic foam face pads
5- 1 Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes)
6- 1- Wall power supply
7- 1- Manual Quick Start
8- 1- Travel Case
9- One-year product warranty.

Try it now Risk-free for 90 days (Three months) Not satisfied money back.
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