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 The NasalVent Tube

Healthy breathing covered by the
"NasalVent Tube" 
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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2022.

"The basic cause of OSA is an obstructed 
nasal passage"

Thirteen years of Experience in Healthy Breathing. 

The Nasalvent Tube "Care 4 Breath", is the latest Ergonomic model Nasal tube from Vital health Inventions, ultra-soft, and highly comfortable.
It comes in 3 or 5 different sizes as a "starter pack" for a secure personal fit. After finding the right size 4 pack single size packing are available on custom order. This product is also used for larger projects in hospitals, the army and can be custom-packed when required. 

The NasalVent Tube "SPORT" in the model for an increase (up-to-18% more energy/oxygen). For the NasalVent Sport is used a bit stronger quality silicone, but with a soft touch skin. The model is provided with an extra-large holdfast inserted in the nose tip. This way slip-out is secured even when the nostrils are dripping-wet due to strong sweating while sporting. The product is also design protected.

Why the NasalVent Tube?

​The NasalVent from Vital Health Inventions LLC is the only nasal tube that is guaranteed to stay in the nostrils the whole night while sleeping.  Due to the ergonomic design, the tube is floating in de nostrils with a holdfast using the space in the tip of the nose.  There is no pressure and it does not irritate which avoids rubbing out while we sleep unconsciously. Over the last years, the NasalVent is advised by the 600+ ENT doctors in Germany for thousands of patients to avoid mouth-breathing at night and to prevent the start of OSA (Sleep apnea). 

Self diagnose: 

How do I know that I need a Nasalvent?  In a research conducted in 2015 by GSK, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, it turns out that 61% percent of the adults are so-called "Mouth breathers" at night.  But because we do not know "how" we breathe at night (Because we are sleeping)  we can conduct a self-diagnosis. It is clear that almost all people who breathe at night through their mouth, suffer also from a dry mouth at night or in the morning by waking up. Because of that, we can be sure we are breathing the wrong way.  

For more information and details about the common sleep-disorder OSA, (sleep apnea), we bring a comfortable alternative for those who have problems with tolerating a CPAP or Biipap machine. Pls go to the page: "Sleep apnea" and click "Here" 


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Correct Breathing a must for a healthy system. 
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