The NasalVent Tube
Healthy breathing covered by the
"Nasalvent Tube" 
"the basic cause of OSA is an
obstructed nasal passage": 

Nasalvent Tube  "Care4Breath", is the latest Ergonomic model Nasal tube, Ultra-soft, and highly comfortable. It comes in 5 different sizes as a "starter pack" for a secure personal fit.  After finding the right size 4 pack single size packing are available on custom order. This product is also used for larger projects in hospitals and can be custom-packed. This product is patented.    

The NasalVent Tube "SPORT" for More (18%) power, is the NasalVent Sport used a bit stronger quality silicone, but with a soft touch skin. The model is provided with an extra-large holdfast for in the nose tip. This way slip-out is 100% eliminated even when the nostrils are dripping-wet due to strong sweating while sporting.  This product is also patented.    

Nasalvent 2020 model.jpg