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The "Nasal cycle" linked to  Sleep Apnea. 

What is it and why it's important to know? 

Dear client, 
A Purchase of the NasalVent Balance (NasiVent tubes) (wich comes  free by the Hummm-it)  is certainly one of the most important choices for your health you can make so far. 

As we do NOT know HOW we breathe at night, we do not know if we breathe the right way.  In general we "in" & "exhale" 6,000 times a night, (in 8 hours) while during the daytime, we, unconsciousness  often we  breathe by using the mouth instead of the nose. (While speaking, walking, in rest etc.).

This makes nose breathing at night, while sleeping, extra important.  When using our nose while sleeping, we receive additional (Extra) Sinus air passing the nasal cavities and nostrils, which is important for our “Oxygen exchange” (Oxygenation) to our cells in body and mind. 

Specialists say:  At least 65 to 75 % of all  geriatric illnesses are caused by bad breathing at night, because of insufficient oxygen receiving.  Also, when breathing using the nose, opposite as in Sleep apnea,  we eliminate most viruses and bad bacteria, due to more NO in our nasal cavities and lungs. Also, common colds are decreased by 80%. This is why we feel immediately much more rested after the first night using the NasalVent Balance!!  Sleep apnea in general is caused due to mouth breathing / sleeping at the back. 

The NasiVent tubes to keep the nose open, here discussed, is the original and patented NasalVent Balance. 
Due to it’s anatomic design, and ergonomic comfortable development, it will function for 100% and will stay in the nostril the entire night while the anatomic design makes it almost unnoticeable.  Also, the used quality of silicone, is medical grade silicone and approved by the FDA (USA). 

Advising your friends, love ones, and family about the importance of nasal breathing is a good idea. You will receive positive feedback, love and understanding. Just show this information and you will help them with their health for now and in the future. 

Mouth breathing and the Nasal Cycle;
Why we breathe using the mouth instead of the nose? 

Research find out, that we all have a special function in the nose, called the "Nasal Cycle". * The nasal cycle is the often unnoticed alternating partial congestion and decongesting of the nasal cavities in humans and other animals. It is physiological congestion of the nasal concha, also called the nasal turbinate, due to selective activation of one half of the autonomic nervous system by the hypothalamus. The function of the Nasal Cycle is for the retention of moisture in the nasal cavities which is important for preventing germs, bacteria, and viruses, etc.  In case of Sleep apnea, one will bypass this protection.  The nasal cycle was studied and discussed in the ancient yoga literature of pranayama. In the modern western literature, it was first described by the German physician Richard Kayser in 1895. Due to the nasal cycle, we are forced to breathe through the mouth when we not correcting the air passage when we experience this obstruction. We turn on our back, the jaw falls open due to gravity, and mouth breathing, snoring or sleep apnea is / are born. 

Using the NasalVent keep your nostrils open the entire night for a health breathe and avoiding Sleep apnea.
Note; sleep ONLY on your side.  (left or right). Avoid sleeping on your back. Research showed that sleeping at the back is the main cause of Sleep Apnea. 

For more information about an alternative to a CPAP;  Click Here 

Nasalvent 2020 model.jpg
Nasal Cycle- picNostrilsMRI.jpg

Ex-Ray "Nasal Cycle" Nasal Cavities; Left conga is swollen, Obstructed) right passage is open. Obstructed nasal breathing, forces us to mouth breathing when both air passes are blocked due to an unbalanced left and right.  The Nasal Cycle in combination with back sleep is the #1 cause of sleep apnea.

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