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Application to relieve migraine instantly.
(Drug free solution )


Today on the internet questionable information is offered. This landing page is Fact checked before publishing. In addition, the use of Inhaled nitric Oxide is approved by the FDA (USA) and Ema (Europe).


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Dear client,       

We bring you a new alternative device “the Hummmit”, a Multifunctional massage device whose operation is based on our (Natural) Bio-Nitric Oxide (NO) the natural molecule which can cure and prevent Migraine without any drug taken, and scientifically proven. It is safe for our liver the kidneys, and our important gastrointestinal system. (No constipation and long-term insecureness). The efficacy can be compared to the latest medical developments but Naturally based. The development in 2018 is based on the required "oxygenation" (The amount of Oxygen in our capillaries) exchanged to our brain cells. 

Even with more than enough oxygen in our hemoglobin, (the carriers of Oxygen in our blood) with an insufficient NO, oxygen exchange to the cells is poor and is the main cause of migraine according to the latest findings and reports. 

This discovery was done by Dr. Prof. J Stamler, (read more) in the same period when the importance of (Natural Nitric oxide produced by our sinuses) as Bio-Gas molecule was recognized.

After introducing the Hummmit in 2018, different alternative health practitioners applied the Hummmit to improve the treatments practiced.  Aside from the use in the practice as a multifunctional device, (Used for different disorders), it turned out that the use of the mask will relieve migraine instantly. 

How the Hummmit is working for Migraine.

In 2016, it was discovered by Prof. Dr. J. Stamler that ​Nitric Oxide in addition to Carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2), Nitric Oxide (NO) is the third gas/molecule necessary for healthy oxygen exchange and the basis of most curative results. This holds specifically for the capillaries, (the smallest arteries) which maintain Oxygen to our cells, especially in the brain. An insufficiency of Nitric oxide has a negative impact on vital functions of most organs (HYPOXIA) and is a cause of chronic migraine in combination with an overkill of "NOS" (NO-Syntheses) activity. (To read more details in the study click here).

(Hypoxia, in biology and medicine: is a condition of the body in which the tissues are starved of oxygen. 

Based on the importance of a sufficient volume of Nitric Oxide, the Hummmit has been developed by Anton F.M. Bende, an award-winning Medical Ergonomist, making the device available for home-use. The Hummmit helps when an optimal Nitric Oxide (NO) level is required as a basis for healthy oxygenation and as a comfortable and functional device against migraines and geriatric dysfunctions. 

Anatomy and Complexity of Blood flow in the brain.

The importance of blood flow and oxygen exchange in the brain. Prof.dr  J.Stamler, discovered the need for sufficient Nitric Oxide (the third gas) in the blood to promote Oxygen exchange which stops and prevents Migraine.     

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The Hummmit.  

Comfortable alternative massage device, activate our Natural Bio-Nitric Oxide, to improve Oxygenation in the capillaries, relieving Migraine.   

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Anton F.M. Bende (Medical Ergonomist)

Award ceremony of the IF (Industrie Forme) Hanover Germany. Anatomic / Ergonomic mature design "People's Products"  

How to use the mask.
The mask is used the moment a Migraine or headache occurs or can be applied for prevention. In both situations, we like to lay down or sit comfortably while we use the mask. Depending on the severity of the problem, we use one, two, or three programs. Each program has a duration of approximately 20 minutes.  In the case of 3 (#3) programs to duration will be one hour. While using the mask, we need to inhale very gently through the nose, as we withdraw ready-to-use Nitric Oxide from our sinuses. By inhaling this Bio-Nitric Oxide, the spread of "Nitric Oxide Syntheses" (NOS) as a related cause of Migrain will dimmish resulting in a decreased headache. The moment you start humming, you feel the pain flowing away like melting snow in the sun.  

The bottom line;
By using the Hummmit, our Natural Bio-Nitric Oxide relieves the headache by diminishing the overkill and activity of Nitric Oxide Syntheses (NOS) with at the same time increased oxygenation to the brain cells, resulting in a relieved Migraine.

Using the Hummmit, is relaxing, and wonderful to do without any side effects..... 

Acceptable cost and no side effects.
The cause of low NO in our system (and brain) is related to inadequate breathing, the quality of our food, polluted atmosphere, poor lifestyle, and aging. In the attached video, you can see more about the need for Nitric Oxide and why supplements are not working anymore after a certain age. The costs of the Hummmit spread over two (2) or more years far outweigh the costs of expensive supplements and medicines, while the mask has no side effects at all.
You can order the Hummmmit risk-free on a basis of not satisfied money back 30 days warranty.  The use of Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by the FDA (USA) and EMA (Europe). For more details on safety and use, please read more on the page FAQ please click "here"

For alternative and complementary health practitioners, we offer a special wholesale program with exclusive prices and sample-prices. In this program, your clients can order direct based as an affiliate minus 10%.  There is no investment required.  Please inform us about your interest (click here) and we send you the information for easy a set-up.

Your Team the Hummmit...

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A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO in a comfortable way also on a later age.    


In the studies below, we can read that by applying "Inhaled Nitric Oxide" the production and activity of the Nitric Oxide synthase (NOS) decrease, causing migraines to disappear.

       Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZIP gGmbH (Germany).