The Humming Mask a Holistic alternative.



Breathe & Sleep is a Dutch organization affiliated with Vital Health Inventions LLC, (USA).

VHI llc has developed the “Humming Mask©” over the last 5 years, a non-invasive device that makes it possible to activate the (natural) Bio-Nitric oxide (NO) in our system. This happens via the so-called "Humming' resonance, which causes the air to resonate in the sinuses, which means that the NO molecule is easily inhaled. This old Humming technique has been given a modern twist, resulting in the Humming Mask©.

The recovery or supplementation of NO has a positive influence on various aspects of our health. One is the acute stress-reducing effect up to the Theta-Delta frequency. This happens in a few minutes resulting that our subconscious mind becomes more receptive to suggestions and training. (Neuro-flexibility).

This contributes to improved treatments, for example, addiction, the treatment of behavior, depression and training of meditation. NO reinforces the cognitive effect (learning) and strengthens our "long term memory".  (please refer to the underneath publication **).  This will correct our subconscious mind easier and more sustainable. The Humming mask© is used for this purpose in rehabilitation centers for addicts.

In addition, to the use of NO for mental care,  it's also welcome as an alternative to relieve or resolving certain physical health issues. Geriatric problems, in particular, can often be treated simply and quickly by restoring or increasing our NO level. Topics for this are; hypertension, insomnia, enlarged prostate, arthritis, and more.

The multifunctionality of Nitric oxide (Humming Mask) is based on many scientific placebo-controlled studies, due to among others,  the effect on smooth muscles (Smooth muscles) and as a neurotransmitter.


Security and safety

The use of inhaled Nitric oxide (iNO) is safe and was approved by the FDA (USA) in 1999 and applied, among other treatments, to babies and infants if prevention in relation to lung complications due to blood pressure is different. A study conducted in Germany "Center for Integrative Psychiatry Kiel" indicates that 95% of the test subjects experience improved sleep and that they are therefore in a state (Theta-Delta) of mental susceptibility. The Mask is produced under ISO and CE Standards. It is market as an electric facial massage device, which is a class-1 medical device that can be offered as an OTC.  (The Humming mask is prepared for registration with EUDAMED: European Database on Medical Devices).

We would like to introduce you to the beneficial effects of this Humming Mask that you can apply for training or treatment for your clients/patients, or you can advise it for use at home.  To make this possible, we have the option for you to register as an affiliate, and to order a test mask(s) at a wholesale price that normally applies to multiple masks. The discount that we can offer for this is 47.5% of the suggested retail price.  (37.5% + 10%)  and this price will be $156, -  ​​

You can order a mask by entering the  discount code "Promo2020" when ordering. Also you can register as an affiliate at the same time or afterwards. (read more click "HERE") 
Example for affiliate:
  Retail price: $ 299.95 | Client discount 10% | To be settled  to affiliate: $ 101.25.

You have the (one-year) warranty on technology and it can be returned if you do not achieve the expected effect(s). The Price is including shipping costs.  (for the US only). For more information and the way in which you can order a test mask, you can find it on our website.

For questions, you can contact the Humming Mask info line by telephone: +31 (0) 35-2055002. (the Netherlands).  


We are happy to be at your service.


The studies below indicate that a low dose inhaled NO can contribute positively to COPD, and it also indicates that the use of the mask is safe as there is a maximum of 5 to 20 ppm. can be feasible. For the sake of completeness, we state that Nitric oxide accomplishes this and not the mask. The mask only activates the nitric oxide present in our sinuses.  and

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