Supporting the Health Care Workforce during the
2019-nCoV Pandemic

Lowers the Risk of Contamination

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Today there is a growing staff shortage among health workers in most countries. This is often due to acquired contaminations and the concern to be contaminated. The shortage of health care professionals varies from 10 to 30% !  The WHO advisory is to continue the use of face masks even after vaccination. This is due to the uncertainty in regards to the vaccination effectiveness and the contagiousness in A-symptomatic or Pre-symptomatic patients, which is also an invisible risk for health care providers.

25 years ago, back in 1996,  a study was conducted and published which showed an important contrast in health, between oral breathing and nasal breathing people.  Among others, this study* shows that obtained Nitric Oxide by breathing in through the nose is significantly (90%) higher than oral breathing.  A survey conducted by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK-USA), shows that 60%+ of the adults have problems with nasal breathing and become habitual mouthbreathers.

The studies shows the benefits of nasal breathing as prevention of germs in the nasal cavities and the effect of Bio-nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO) as first line prevention during the Covid19 pandemic. It underlines the value of nasal breathing above oral breathing. However, in some situations like using a medical facemask, nasal breathing can become difficult. Based on these facts, Vital Health Inventions with 12 years of experience in breathing techniques, developed the INO-plus combo as an aid to avoid mouth breathing and improve beneficial nasal breathing, after which, within 4 to 6 weeks, nasal breathing becomes an unconscious healthy habit again. The use of the NasalVent tube remains necessary.

The INO-Plus Combo

The function of the INO-plus is based on the importance of "solo" nasal breathing and "non" mouth breathing. Nasal inhalation provides extra protection against the virus Covid-19 / 2019-nCoV and  expected mutations by using the filtering and the availability of nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO).

nNO is produced by the epithelial cells in our nasal cavities and sinuses, and insufficient in the oral area. Thus nasal breathing protects us as a first line of defense,* and was dramatically overlooked without an adequate available solution.


When using a single or double facemask, or even a high quality FFP2 or FFP3 mask, there is no guarantee of inhaling virus-free air. Using the INO-plus will facilitate breathing nasally as much as possible, thus diminishing the risk of contamination. This can be achieved by using the INO NasalVent-tube, in combination with the INO mouth patch. The INO-plus combo consists of a stretchable mouth patch combined with an ergonomic nose dilator. The patch will keep the mouth closed in a comfortable and gentle way, while the nose dilator (the NasalVent-tube) will improve free and improved nasal breathing. The use of this patch allows verbal communication and the NasalVent makes nasal inhaling dominant and more secure.  (Fig.3) The INO-Plus can be used in combination with any type of face masks.

The INO-Plus combo provides several advantages:

  1. More effectiveness in protection due to safe nasal breathing as the nasal cavity filters germs and nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO) attacks Covid-19 viruses. (Read more:  click Here.

  2. Keeping the mouth naturally closed thus avoiding habitual mouth breathing or accidentally wrong breathing.  (Lowers the risk of contamination).

  3. Creating fast (One or Two months) awareness to keep the mouth closed automatically/Naturally. (Learning curve over time). After that, only the NasalVent is used.

  4. Making nasal breathing ergonomically easier while using a face mask and improving inhalation due to increased air passage in the nasal airway. (Increased O2 absorption)

  5. Lowering sick leave rates and improving medical care.

  6. Takes into account the majority (88% are women) suitable sizes.

  7. Complying with the WHO World Health Organization and CDC USA advice to "keep using a face mask even after vaccination".

  8. The INO-plus is titled a noninvasive OTC (Over The Counter) device. 

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(Fig.1.)   One INO-plus Set consists of one (1) Set of Silicone Nasal Vents, 4 different sizes for always personal fit. (Reuseable). 30 (one month)  Stretchable Mouth patches, skin-friendly, non-irritating adhesive.  Natural feeling closed mouth. (Disposable).  ​


(Fig.2.) First place the mouth patch, after that, insert the right size NasalVent Nose dilator. Then use the mask as usual. Due to controlled nasal breathing, the mouth remains gently closed, but verbal communication, drinking, etc. is still possible. 

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(Fig.3.)  Instructions of use: 1. Press lips firm together. 2. Place the patch over your mouth as shown. 3. Now relax the lips and jaw and the patch will keep the mouth closed in a gentle way. The stretchable material makes verbal conversation and drinking still possible. When breathing, the mouth will stay closed as breathing throug the nose gets priority.  4. Insert the NasalVent in the nostrils for optimal nasal breathing. It comes in four different sizes and has a patented nasal lock in the tip of the nose, which makes it easy to insert  and ensures the needed comfort.    

INO-plus combo, consists of an ergonomic stretchable mouth patch, in combination with a silicone nasal dilator. The mouth patch is disposable (one time use) whereas the NasalVent is reusable. (wash & wear). The patch is FDA (USA) approved and CE (Europe) manufactured.  It consist of a FDA and EMA medical grade silicone. The INO-Plus "combo" include one set of 4 different sizes of Nose dilators with carry box, and 30 single stretchable mouth patches. NasalVent-tube and mouth patches are also available as single products.  Patent-pending product (PPP).

The science behind the INO-Plus Combo

The use of the INO-plus combo supplies improved respiration protection as a result of Nasal breathing vs. Mouth breathing. Nasal breathing should be the new way of breathing! Using the INO-plus will result in a positive contribution to respiratory safety reducing the risk of contamination in general. The use of the INO-plus provides a pleasant and calm feeling as the NasalVent-tube provides better breathing in combination with a naturally closed mouth.​ Even with fairly intensive work, "solely" nasal breathing remains possible. Once the INO-plus combo is accepted, it will protect more people and reduce sick leave numbers benefiting all parties involved. 

FDA / EMA / ISO & Technical Product information please download the PDF. 

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