Increased Immunity

by Inhaled Nitric Oxide

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Medically reviewed by  O. Bengebara MD.  Updated March 2021.

Inhaled nitric Oxide is FDA Approved. 
Inhaled Bio-Nitric Oxide (bNO) 
Improves our Immunity
against Germs   
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The Hummm-it  a Multi-functional Device activate Nitric Oxide "our first line of Defense" 

The Hummm-it device works based on our inhaled BIO-Nitric oxide and can be used for in practice and home-use. The use is not only today against the uncertainty of an invisible enemy, but an improved NO level promote and helps for an extra protection for those people who are more vulnerable and in the group of risk for many existing infections and geriatric problems.  Improving your Nitric Oxide level you will  increase  your immunity, your first line of defense to fight unwanted Germs like Bacteria and Viruses and other infections.  The use of Inhaled Nitric Oxide is FDA approved. 

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American library
of medicine Study: Feb 2020
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Quote: (Times of India): The study further claims that inhaling nitric oxide gas can not only improve the medical condition of the patients, but also contain the spread of the virus. (read MORE)

Quote: (US National Library of Medicine)  NO produces antimicrobial effects against a broad range of microbes including bacteria, fungi, helminths, protozoa and viruses, which may help prevent pulmonary infections.  Study: 

The use of the Hummmit is not limited to protect us from germs such as viruses and bacteria. The availability of nitric oxide in our system in later life is the basis for maintaining strong physical and mental health.
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