A friendly wake-up call:

People who using certain medicine for many years, are used to it and mostly do not look any further. We as Vitital Health Inventions Like to inform you about the danger in using medicines that may put you at risk at on developing Alzhimer or dementia.   

In January 2020 the latest European (Elsevier) study included 18,063 (eighteen thousand sixty-three) individuals (mean age 68.2, males 63.4%) followed up for 84,506 person-years, concerning  Beta-blockers and Dementia was officially published: Click  (HERE) 


Conclusion: We observed that beta-blocker treatment among older adults is independently associated with higher risk of incident vascular dementia, but not with increased risk of other dementia subtypes, including Alzheimer and mixed dementia.

Competing interests: The authors declare no competing interests. (no commercial interest)

As in any statement, there is a counter-conclusion to avoid the need for further investigation. We leave your opinion to you, but where there is smoke, there is fire.  

Introducing The Hummmit;
To assist you in this unheimlich matter, we introduce you to the  Hummmit,  a face massage device based on acupressure, to lower high blood
naturally using activated Nitric Oxide (NO), originated from our own sinuses.

Artificial inhaled NO is approved by the FDA (US) EMA (Europe) as a vasodilator (dilating blood vessels).  Nitric Oxide is a multifunctional natural molecule normally produced by our body, but what we slowly lose when we age due to our bio-clock. Losing our Nitric oxide, is the main cause why we develop hypertension. Using the Hummmit will increasing our NO in a natural way which will improve blood flow in all our arteries, veins, and capillaries again and lower our blood pressure NATURALLY. (Scientifically proven).  High blood pressure is not a disease but a symptom of among others; insufficient Nitric Oxide. 

On this site, you can read all about multifunctionality about Nitric Oxide and the Hummmit, (the Humming Mask). 

More details: page "Hypertension Click "HERE" 

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