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Device to improve blood pressure naturally
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Today on the internet questionable information is offered. This landing page is Fact checked before publishing. In addition, the use of Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by the FDA (USA) and Ema (Europe).


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What is (NO) ? 

NO is the chemical formule for "Nitric-Oxide  natural molecule produced by our body, like vitamin D, which is also produced naturally in our body. We all need NO as basic for the oxygenation to every cell in our body and mind.  NO is the essential third gas, which was discovered by Prof. Dr. J. Stamler MD.*  Even though when we have enough SpO2 (oxygen) in our body, without sufficient NO, oxygen exchange is reduced causing most geriatric dysfunctions.  But now…

it is identified that due to aging we all lose the ability to produce NO (Fig. 1 + video).  After watching the video, you will realize why using the Hummmit can be beneficial contrary to most geriatric dysfunctions. (Aging without Aging).

A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO in a comfortable way also later in life.  

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Using the Hummmit
The Hummmit an alternative for natural “Bio NO” 
which can support us in lowering geriatric related discomfort like:

  • Hypertension,

  • Diabetic 2,

  • Sleep disturbances or insomnia,

  • Dementia,

  • Erectile dysfunction,

  • Enlarge prostate, (Nightly toilet trips) and more.

This improvements are scientifically documented based on suffisient Nitric Oxide.

Using the Hummmit is pleasant and relaxing. Performing the “Humming” should become a daily use, such as brushing teeth, daily exercise, etc. Many clients love the mask as it helps greatly in meditation too.

Why do we know just now?
Since the discovery of the importance by Dr. J. Stamler in 2011, the pharmacy came up with different boosts containing (L-arginine) to stimulate the production of NO in the system. But recently we know that we can use also our Bio-Sinus Nitric Oxide, which is permanently accessible in addition when supplements are not working anymore due to aging.

Using the Hummmit as a simple face massage, helps us to activate NO in a nice and comfortable way. The function of the Hummmit  (the Humming mask) was tested in Kiel (Germany) with a significant positive effect on sleep quality in healthy volunteers.***


How to use the mask.

The mask is used by laying down or sit comfortably. Depending on the reason, we can use one, two, or three programs. Each program has a duration of approximately 20 minutes. In the case of 3 (#3) programs to duration will be one hour continuously. While using the mask, we need to inhale gently (slowly) through the nose, as we withdraw the NO from our sinuses. By inhaling NO, the spread of "NO Syntheses" (NOS) will dimmish resulting in increased general health. For more details on function, safety and warrantees, pls. (Read the FAQ)

Using the Hummmit, is relaxing, and wonderful to do without any side effects..... 

Is Nitric Oxide safe?

More than. Besides it is naturally produced in our body, the application of much higher concentrations of inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) has been used for newborns and adults for many years. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by FDA (US) & EMA (Europe) and most other countries. The humming resonance is safe and the frequencies can be compared to speaking loudly, singing, and playing vibrating mouth instruments. No doctor's prescription is required for the Hummmit. For more details on use and safety, please see the FAQ  Click here.

Classifications HBP.

  • Normal BP: <130 mmHg (systolic [SBP]) and <85 mmHg (diastolic [DBP])

  • High-normal: 130-139 mmHg SBP and/or 85-89 mmHg DBP.

  • Grade 1 hypertension: 140-159 mmHg SBP and/or 90-99 mmHg DBP.

  • Grade 2 hypertension: ≥160 mmHg SBP and/or ≥100 mmHg DBP

The hummmit can be used in each classification of HBP. Our experience is that when people are diagnosed and still without medicine can use a Hummmit to receive the benefit before using any beta-blockers, in combination with a better lifestyle. People who use already meds can combine the mask and reduce slowly the intake in collaboration with your doctor, due to checking frequently the BP. The question of this approach is with risk can be answered with the fact that many people do live with high BP for years already and without medicines because of ignorance. When there is any uncertainty, advice from a specialist or doctor can help.  

Your Team the Hummmit...

fIG.1) Draw back of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. 

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The Hummmit.  

Comfortable alternative massage device, activate our Natural Bio-Nitric Oxide, to improve Oxygenation in the capillaries. 

International Health Exhibition (Frankfurt, Germany 2020). The Humming mask Introduced as a mask against Sleeplessness. "The proof:   Staying awake is an impossible task).

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Anton F.M. Bende (Medical Ergonomist and developer the Hummmit.  Award ceremony of the IF (Industrie Forme) Hanover Germany. Anatomic / Ergonomic mature design "People's Products"  

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Temporarily we offer a free wrist BP meter.

(To check Improvements)

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In the studies below, we can read that by improving Nitric Oxide, we lower blood pressure, one of the major reasons for developing geriatric disorders. 

  • Nitric oxide unravels the enigmatic function of the paranasal sinuses  (READ MORE)

    • Quote:​  Conclusion
      The paranasal sinuses seem to play a vital physiological role in our body rather than being evolutionary remnants as initially thought. They are likely responsible for regulating the pulmonary blood pressure thereby preventing pulmonary hypertension.

  • * Neuronal nitric oxide synthase contributes to the normalization of blood pressure (READ MORE)

  • * Nitric Oxide decreases the  NOS activity.  (READ MORE)

  • Role of Nitric Oxide in the Cardiovascular and Renal Systems (READ MORE)

  • **Use of the Humming Mask improves sleep of healthy elderly. (READ MORE)

       (Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZIP gGmbH (Germany).