Bio-Nitric Oxide (NO) Lowers  High Blood Pressure naturally

Medically reviewed by  O. Bengebara MD.  Updated November 2020.

Inhaled nitric Oxide is FDA Approved. Fact checked on Pubmed. NCBI.
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Hypertension, Nitric oxide (NO), and the Hummm-it©

Due to our Bio-clock, and passing 55 years of age, we only have 35% production of Nitric Oxide (NO) left. If we pass the 60 years only 20%. At 70 we only have 15% left.  (fig.1).

What is NO?

Nitric Oxide is an important gas and a free radical which is now recognized to have crucial physiological roles for almost all parts of our body. It causes blood vessels to widen and stimulates blood flow, and the release of certain hormones, such as insulin and human growth hormone. 

Impaired nitric oxide production leads to a contraction of underlying vascular smooth muscle, instead of relaxation, the direct cause of hypertension. A healthy blood flow ensures proper Oxygenation “clean veins”, a correct cholesterol ratio, and prevents blood clots (Stroke). NO is multifunctional and therefore indispensable for our health.  Many official published studies support this.**

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FIG 1.  A shortage of NO is the most important cause of High Blood Pressure as the body is no longer able to correct unhealthy attacks on our health. A shortage is caused by aging.  (Our Bio-Clock)

Over time, we all lose the production of "NO' in a natural way. Namely; our Bio-Clock ensures aging and a forced farewell because we have to make room for the new generation(s). As a result, we lose more and more strength and energy and we become more vulnerable due to a reduced immunity (resistance). We develop small and bigger mental and physical problems.

We can improve our NO level by having a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and more exercise, but due to our Bio-clock, we still lose the important NO, even when we improve our lifestyle and using supplements like pycnogenol and  L.Agrinine. A successful and healthy way to solve or lessen the effect of most geriatric problems is to help to replenish the NO in our system. For this, we can use the Nitric Oxide from our sinuses, as our sinuses are major producers of NO **. This NO is permanently available in high concentration as it acts as the first line of defense against infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and other germs while we breathe. 

When inhale through the nose we always receive a very small amount of Nitric Oxide. While humming, we activate quantity the outflow of Nitric oxide up to a 15 fold, and we can correct our NO level in a comfortable way. This will increase naturally our NO balance and reduces most unhealthy conditions, including hypertension. Using the Hummmit helps to make this possible.

Wake-up call on Beta-blockers! 

According to the AARP, (American Association of Retired Persons), Many doctors do not know that they must not prescribe Beta-blockers for persons above the 60.  The hummmit is a healthy solution, based on our "own" Bio-Nitric oxide, the molecule for multifunctionality in our health. Therefore, we like to inform you about the latest scientific study on the subject for which you-are-here:  "hypertension and beta-blockers".    

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For a long time already we inform our clients about the side effects of Beta-Blockers. We know that lowering blood pressure by using beta-blockers, can cause side effects by withholding blood flow/Oxygen to vital organs like kidneys, eyes, brain, etc. But now for the first time, it is scientifically confirmed that beta-blockers can cause even dementia.* Based on this information it is advised to consider a healthy alternative, especially when we are 55 years and above.

In addition to adopting a better (healthy) lifestyle, which is undoubtedly important, we can now add the Hummmit, which helps our blood pressure / Nitric Oxide remain on our NO level, while you can slowly taper-off medication in a safe way.  (Check your blood pressure daily while you lower slowly intake meds. in deliberation with your specialist).


To get the complete picture, please read the abstract of the study: Beta-blocker therapy and risk of vascular dementia: A population-based prospective study** (Click “HERE”).  This study was published in March 2020 this year and performed over a number of 18,063 individuals, with eleven specialists over a general period of 4.5 years.

A recent and important note out of the AARP association: Quote: Many doctors do not know that beta-blockers should not be prescribed to people over 60 with uncomplicated hypertension.  (Source: About AARP Click "HERE") 

The Healthy & Natural 
alternative to β-Blockers 
Here is what we can do for you....
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Bio-Nitric Oxide reverse hypertension Naturally

Using the Hummmit for 20 minutes a day, several times per week is a safe, pleasant, and permanent help as the improvement of Nitric Oxide can be a complementary or even a replacement for the use of beta-blockers. Our cardio-vascular system will work healthier again by Naturally widening the arteries. Your blood pressure will decrease and blood flow increases for widened arteries and improved oxygenation. This function is supported by a high number of medical scientific studies* and proven in practice by thousands of satisfied clients already. 

Why this alternative solution is not commonly used in the medical field for patients with high blood pressure, is because there was no adequate and affordable system that could be used as a simple to use home-device. Aside from that, taking pills once or twice or more a day, as advised, is faster than relaxing for 20 minutes with a healthy device. Nowadays and we now, as the smart baby boomers, we know better, and we give more attention to our health from different angles, by avoiding stress, healthy food, and exercising, which is understandable and well accepted.

The Hummmit is titled as an OTC (Over-the-counter) non-prescription massage/humming device. It was developed by Dr. O. Bengebara and Med. Ergonomist  Anton Bende ME. in 2016/17, and was based on the Swedish study by Dr. Lundberg from the Karolinska Institute. 


The function of the device works on replicating natural humming and resonating the air in our sinuses and nasal cavities, by using the right "humming hertz frequency", the right "intensity", and programmed timing. This inhaled Natural Nasal Nitric Oxide reveres the loss of our Nitric Oxide in our system. When using the Hummmit for 20 minutes a day  (Any time of  the day will do but preferable just before sleep) we will keep our Nitric Oxide on a healthy level naturally, bring down our blood pressure due to improved blood flow,  and improved oxygenation, and will remain**

How do I know this device will work for me.
Aside from many scientific studies performed on Nitric Oxide and the experience in practice, the Hummmit can be used by everyone with High Blood Pressure, as it is safe to use, complementary, or as an alternative. It may be an option for people at low cardiac risk who don't want to use medications due to the experienced or possible side effects. The Function and the success of the Hummmit can be followed by yourself, using the free blood pressure meter that comes by each order.   

Check the function: You can simply check the function of the Hummmit by using a blood pressure meter, or nitrite-urine test-strips, (Before and after). With each order, you will receive a free wrist blood pressure device send through

The success of this alternative device is based on the naturally formed Nasal Nitric Oxide we all have. Our sinuses are major producers of permanent Nitric Oxide which will be activated by using the Hummmit.  Low dose inhaled NO is one hundred percent safe. (In addition, artificial Nitric Oxide is FDA approved for newborn and young children and adults). Please find underneath an overview of the pro's and con's, of Beta-blockers and (natural) Bio-nitric oxide, and the difference in costs.


Click "HERE" to fact check this statement, AHA Journal

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FIG 2.  A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO level in a comfortable way, also on a later age.    

For home use, before sleep, in  rest or meditation. 

Complementary for use in the practice.

FIG.5.  Dr. Omar Bengebara  (Dr. Ben) recommend the improvement of our level of Nitric Oxide as it is basis of our Health. 


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Can I use the Hummmit while using Beta Blocker?
As Nitric Oxide production is also stimulated by using the brand Nebivolol, it is safe to use the Hummmit while using Beta-Blockers.  
Nebivolol is a β1-blocker with the ability to increase Nitric Oxide synthases (NOS). But this feature is only valuable in younger people, as Nitric Oxide production decreases as we age. (See the video fig.2). Our experience is that the use of most beta-blockers can be reduced or stopped within 14 days by using the Hummmit while enjoying healthy food and a moderate intake of alcohol. The use of a Hummmit is NOT recommended for people who do smoke cigarettes.  
Inhaled Nitric Oxide at low doses, <5, and 20> ppm. (parts per million) is 100% natural and has no side effects. We always advise following the instructions of your specialist about the use of medicines you take. For any more advice or details, you can also contact Dr. Ben, who will answer your questions you may have. Pls. Click "HERE"

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The use of the Hummmit is not limited to protect us from High blood pressure or Hypertension. The availability of Nitric Oxide in our system in later life is the basis for maintaining strong physical and mental health.  Aside from the alternative healing effect, the Hummmit is a sought after product due to its multi-functional application. It is a very comfortable facial device and the base for stress-release, resulting in a semi-meditation experience that strongly will influence your feeling of well-being. Day after day.

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