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The Hummmit©

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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2021.

Application for your practice, for rental and direct sales.

Background:  The Hummmit (Humming mask).

The way we breathe is important for an optimal Health, as we obtain Nitric oxide (N.O.) from our sinuses while breathing.* But due to our Bio-Clock over time we lose the production of this important molecule. (see figure 1). We are able to improve our N.O. by following the right diet, keep up exercising and using some supplements. But after passing the age of 40/50, we will lose this effect also. (See the underneath video from Dr. Nathan Bryan for more details on N.O.
To keep up our health and avoid fast aging, we can improve our N.O. level by humming which activate our “Sinus Nitric Oxide”. By using the Hummmit we comfortably mimic our humming and activate the N.O. in our sinuses, improving our Health, Beauty and Wellbeing.  (Scientifically proven).


Dear Colleague, Dear client, 

we offer a brand-new alternative Health and Beauty device, "the Hummmit©," which is a multifunctional face massage device. Its operation is based on our “Natural” Bio-Nitric Oxide, a molecule that is crucial for steady fitness and good health.

The concept for its development in 2016 was related to improving health, beauty and well-being, as we learned from Tibetan monks. Over the years, many studies were conducted to explore the secrets of longevity, prosperity, and steady health among this ethnic groups.

In addition to an important and regular daily rhythm and the growth of organic foods such as vegetables and fruits, "stress-free" life and "meditation" are also important elements that contribute to their famous and superior health. It has also been discovered that meditation combined with "humming" and "mantras," the Sinus-Nitric-Oxide (sNO) present in the sinuses and nasal cavities is released and available for inhalation, which replaces the lost Nitric Oxide due to aging. Fig.1.

With this discovery, the importance of an increased Nitric Oxide was recognized and triggered the development of the Hummmit. Fig.2. After introducing the Hummmit in 2018, health practitioners, beauty salons, and care services have applied successfully the Hummmit© to enhance the results of the health services.

Aside from the use in practice for an improved effect for your clients, the mask can be offered as a rental service concept or sold directly to the client for home use and generate substantial additional revenue for the practice. 

For more product details on use, safety, FDA, EMA, etc., please refer to the FAQ page. Please  click "here."

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Fig.1.  The drawback of endothelium Nitric Oxide over the years.  

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Fig.2.  Mild "5 points" acupressure technique activates the air in the Sinuses for comfotable inhalation.

             Recently received request: 

Hello, I would like further information about the purchase prices of the Humming Mask. I heard from a client about the Humming Mask and the excellent health results she and her husband achieved with it.
I would like to hear from you!
Cordial greetings,
Cor Kootstra
Naturopathic therapist


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In 2011, Prof. Dr. J. Stamler discovered that Nitric Oxide, in addition to carbon dioxide and O2, is the third required gas/molecule for optimal oxygen exchange, which is the foundation of all positive healing and beauty results. This applies specifically to the capillaries, which maintain the health of all organs including our skin on a molecular level. 

Intrigued by this phenomenon, a medical ergonomist, Mr. Anton Bende (medical ergonomist), developed the Hummmit©. Today this device is applied widely in combination with therapies such as alternative therapy, alternative medicine, Beauty treatments, and naturistic fitness. The Hummmit© can help to achieve an optimal Nitric Oxide (NO) level and healthy oxygenation. The use of "artificial" inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by the FDA (USA) and EMA (Europe).

We offer a special wholesale program with exclusive prices for various practitioners. With this program, your clients can order through your practice or directly on this site with you as the beneficiary affiliate. There is no investment required.
Please send us your contact details
(click here), and we will send you an idea of the revenues, information with prices, and instructions for easy set-up. 

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A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO in a comfortable way also on a later age.    



  • * Nitric Oxide Signaling Molecules in Acupuncture Points:  (READ MORE)
    Quote: Results suggest that NO signaling molecules contribute to the specificity of acupoints

  • * Nitric oxide and geriatrics: Implications in diagnostics and treatment of the elderly (READ MORE)
    Quote: Treat NO insufficiency may provide enormous benefit to the geriatric patient.

  • * Nitric Oxide and Sleep  (READ MORE)
    Quote: NO = Modulation on states on sleep. Decreased NO has identifiable effects, including aging, neuropathologies and parasitemia. 

  • * Cosmetic use of an agent supporting production of nitric oxide in and/or on the skin (L'Oreal) (READMORE)  
    Quote: Claim 1, characterized in that said agent is intended to give the skin of the face a good-looking effect.

  • ** Paranasal sinus air suction for immediate pain relief of acute migraine  (READ MORE)
    Quote: Treat NO insufficiency may provide enormous benefit to the geriatric patient.

  • ** Sleep Deprivation Triggers Inducible Nitric Oxide (READ MORE)

      Quote: We conclude that iNOS-produced neuronal NO is an important homeostatic factor promoting recovery sleep

  • ****Use of the Humming Mask improves sleep of healthy elderly. (READ MORE)

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