The Hummmit©

(the Humming Mask)

Insomnia Naturally resolved.

Medically reviewed by  O. Bengebara MD.  Updated November 2020.

Inhaled nitric Oxide is FDA Approved. 

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine: 

Prevalence of insomnia is higher in older individuals than in the younger population. Symptoms ranges from 30% to 48% in the elderly. 

In most cases when aging, the cause of insomnia is due to the reduction of hormones needed for sleep. This is caused by a relapse of Nitric Oxide (NO)*. When there is a shortage of NO, the interaction between hormones and NO stagnates and sleep problems arise. The Hummmit improves NO so that our limbic system is functioning again. (Fig.1). This is explained in the scientific studies below.  The decline of NO also has a severe negative effect on our general health and can keep us awake. Anxiety, distress, restless legs, bad breathing (low oxygen content) etc. These problems will be also reduced by using the Hummmit (improvement of Nitric Oxide). 

Fig.1. Nitric oxide reaches via the Olfactory the Limbic system.

What makes us lose our NO**

We lose the production of NO through aging. (Fig.2). By reaching the 50 years affects our production of NO with a drawback of 50%. At the age of 60/70, we only have 15% left. The decline in NO production is stuck in our BIO-clock as we (unfortunately) have to give way for the new generation(s) to come. Insufficient NO is the cause of most geriatric ailments and affects also the quality of sleep.

How does the mask work?

Our sinuses produce permanent a high quantity of BIO-NO. Between the <20 and 40 ppm. The Hummmit allows the air in the sinuses to resonate (humming) at the exact frequency, intensity and programmed timing. By inhalation the air through the nose, we restore the loss of NO and with that, we solve (proven) many aging problems.***

Fig.2. The draw back of Nitric oxide in age.

Is it safe?

Application of much higher concentrations of iNO has been used for neonates for many years. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by FDA (US) & EMA (Europe) and most other countries. The daily humming vibration is safe and the frequencies can be compared to speaking loudly, singing and playing vibrating mouth instruments. No doctor's prescription is required for the Hummmit. for more questions and answers, pls see FAQ click here.

Security of operation.

In terms of result of function, apart from the fact that you will notice you sleep better immediately following the first time use, you can also measure the effectiveness of the Hummmit by A. Correcting the blood pressure, (before and after) and B. By measuring the nitrite value using a urine test strip. The Hummmit was tested in Germany at the Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie Z.P gGmb,  with a results of 95% positive effects in a random controlled sleep study. ****

How to use?

For sleeping, the mask is used best in bed just before sleep, while reading a book, meditate or just relax. The Nasal Tubes that come with the mask must be inserted in the nostrils making nasal breathing easier. Nasal breathing is important as we withdraw the Bio Nitric oxide from our sinuses. After one or two programs, (20 minutes per program) depending on personal experience, we can take off the mask and start sleeping on the side. Sleeping on the side is the best position. Using the Hummmit provides peace of mind, is relaxing, and wonderful to do.


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Where to buy?

The Hummmit is exclusively for sale on the internet and through our resellers. For a list of representatives, click here.  You can order direct on this site. As long the Corona pandemic is affecting us we do offer a discount of 25% off, inclusive free shipping available in the USA. For international different shipping rates apply.


      Quote: We conclude that iNOS-produced neuronal NO is an important homeostatic factor promoting recovery sleep

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