Hashimoto  /  Hypothyroidism

A NEW safe way (No side effects) to relieve Hashimoto

PREFASE: The main reason why our Humming Mask, "the Hummmit",  can help with Hashimoto: 
In a study on "Reproduction and Fertility",  https://rep.bioscientifica.com/view/journals/rep/150/1/R1.xml  it was found that Nitric Oxide is required in the production of follicle cells, one of the two tissue cells that make up the thyroid gland. In addition, Nitric Oxide has an inhibitory and healing effect on inflammations in general. Knowing that Hashimoto is an inflammation of the thyroid gland, Nitric Oxide is also inhibiting the inflammation in the gland. Research shows that in all cases of Hashimoto there is a shortage of Nitric Oxide in our system**, indicating that this is one of the underlying causes. This all explains why improvement by all of our clients is present. 

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Hashimoto (thyroid Inflammation) leads to Hypothyroidism (including decreased hormone production) and is a disorder that has been thoroughly researched. A shortage of production of the necessary hormones causes various physical and mental complaints. Just a few medications as a remedy to this disorder are partially effective and have serious negative side effects*.  But most likely you already know all this.

But new studies (2020) indicate that a sufficient amount of Nitric Oxide (NO) / Nitrite in our system can reduce and prevent Inflammation of the thyroid. In addition, Nitric Oxide also modulates different hormone production and modulates the quantity of the hormones released. These recent studies** show the importance and value of sufficient NO as a part of the underlying science. Now it turns out that Nitric Oxide can solve the problem without any unwanted side effects.

No drugs, fewer supplements, normal nutrition, and normal/adequate

exercise, and the use of the Hummmit

to activate our "Natural" Bio-

Nitric Oxide obtained from our sinuses.


An Increased NO level in our system, will relieve or even resolves your thyroid problem as it did already for many clients who are using the Hummmit, and now also confirmed by various medical studies. We do have different indications and evidence of improvement and relief from Hashimoto and even up to complete healing. (Read some astounding testimonials, Click HERE). 

How it works;
Nitric Oxide (NO) is produced in the walls of our arteries and this molecule is responsible for the proper function of almost all organs in our body.  (Over the years, thousands of studies are conducted about this molecule). However, due to aging (Our Bio-clock) and other causes, the production of Nitric Oxide decreases, which leads to different disorders such as Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism. But an unrestricted and permanent production of Nitric Oxide is found in our sinuses which can be activated and inhaled by natural humming. But as daily humming 1 to 3 times a day for 20 minutes can be difficult or tiresome, the Hummmit was developed for this purpose. 
Improved nitric oxide levels bring relief and reduce

the progression of Hashimoto and her symptoms.

The Hummmit is a Humming/oscillating mask that imitates or replicate our natural humming effect while relaxing. The Mask brings the natural humming frequency, the intensity, and the correct timing to recharge the sinuses. This causes the air in our sinuses to oscilate, resulting in an increased Nitric Oxide outflow ***  This improved Nitric Oxide level will reduce the Hashimoto (thyroid inflammation) which results in normal production of the needed hormones again.  All above-explained information is substantiated by the scientific studies  (Click HERE) 

On the website of the Red River, (One of the few specialists in this topic) we can read the importance of Nitric Oxide in the treatment of the inflammation of the Thyroid and why it is effective. This data independently underscores the value of increasing Nitric Oxide by using the Hummmit.

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A correlation between NO and the cerebellum limbic system is demonstrated.  Sufficient NO as a mediator between the pituitary gland and thyroid has modulating effects on hormone secretion in the system.  

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Relates Studies as understatement to the Function od NO using the Hummmit. (the Humming Mask) 


Nitric oxide (NO) is present in air derived from the nasal airways. However, the precise origin and physiological role of airway-derived NO are unknown. We report that.....

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**Regulation of nitric oxide production in hypothyroidism.

The critical role of Nitric Oxide (NO) as a reliable biomarker for cardiovascular risk in sub-clinical and clinical hypothyroidism. 

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The humming mask is a massaging device stimulating the paranasal sinuses through vibration.

Conclusion: Our results support the observation that use of the humming mask improves sleep (perception).

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**nitric oxide level affected in postmenopausal women with hypothyroidism?

Results: The levels of serum NO were found to be significantly decreased in postmenopausal females with hypothyroidism ....

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*Levothyroxine use and the risk of breast cancer: a nation-wide population-based case-control study.

Results: We examined 65,491 cases and 261,964 controls. We found that use of Levothyroxine was associated with a significant increase in breast cancer risk.... More details (click Here)

***High nitric oxide production in human paranasal sinuses.

The solution at your fingertips and without risk.

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    NB. For now, we have good experience for hypothyroidism treatment and less for Hyperthyroidism. Although reports are also coming in that improved NO is also observable in Hyperthyroidism. For this, we have the arrangement for a return if there is no sufficient improvement.


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