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Dreamstation recall The Bi-PAP and CPAP from Philips.

The most safe alternative to CPAP and BIPAP is the Hummmit procedure.


For now, millions of people are under the threat of chemical plastic, inhaling by using the BI-PAP or CPAP Dreamstation from Philips. This unwanted risk is always there when we use these kinds of machines or medicines close to our body. This is especially when we trust to breathe our most important element of life: Oxygen!

For many years Vital Health Inventions is promoting already the Hummmit, (our Humming Mask) as the most healthy alternative to Sleep apnea, as we can use our own Natural Nitric Oxide.  
Our Global awareness of using plastics, in general, is slowly growing, and not only as it will ruin our sea’s, air and total environment. No…  Daily drinking from plastic cups, too much inhaling the PCb’s from plastic products surrounding us, like TV screens, PC screens plastic imitations of wood, and daily used plastic materials has an unexpected impact on our health too.


So also when we use a CPAP or BIPAP the air inhaled will be in contact with all plastic parts in the machine, like the Dreamstation from Philips, as known now.
Not every aspect of a BIPAP or CPAP of these machines are known right now, but logical thinking when a daily (Nightly) performance of this type of machines for 8 hours or longer, some questions about safety is not uncommon.          


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