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Medically reviewed by  O. Bengebara MD.  Updated March 2021.

Inhaled nitric Oxide is FDA Approved. 

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Vital Health Inventions (VHI) LLC. is specialized in the human respiratory system and we have over 12 years of experience in the development of products related to this most important subject. This solution we offer is actually the only comfortable and natural solution on the market today, making you sleep well for the rest of your life, guaranteed. We do know there is a lot of misinformation available on the internet with the most "too good to be true" products and Youtube info., but when you take some time to go over this page, you will realize why this solution is really working for you, aside from our "no good money back" policy. 

Sleep apnea (OSA) is a common disorder and still a serious underestimated health problem, while a study performed by GSK (US) has shown that as many as 61% of the adults sleep with this problem and wake up at night with a dry mouth and/or gasping for air. Aside from a dangerous chronic sleep disturbance, having sleep apnea accelerates aging, and has been linked to Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as many other geriatric disorders. This is caused due to reduced Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream, which in turn, leads to a lack of oxygen in body-cells and in the brain.

VHI LLC was one of the first who developed solutions for this disorder and helped already thousands of people with OSA in a natural manner, without the use of an uncomfortable CPAP or BIPAP.

This information on the page is not a quick commercial funnel to get you into our database, to know your email address, to bombard you with emails with promos etc.. No, this information is intended to help you understand what OSA real is and the importance of sleep for your health. This page is a bit more comprehensive and therefore it will take some time to read everything. But what's 10 to 15 minutes to reach a healthy sleep for the rest of your life?

Another interesting note is why so many people still suffer from OSA when the cause is very clear and easy to fix. The answer to this is OSA has a commercial impact. Many remedies to fight symptoms are available, but the roots are left alone. After reading this page you will understand exactly the why and how.

In general:

We often receive the question; is the Hummmit also useful for or against Sleep apnea? And the answer is, Yes it is.

A second common question is: How do I know if I do have sleep apnea if I do not conduct a sleep-study?  Aside from other indications, the most simple answer is: When you wake up in the night or morning with a dry mouth, and or sometimes you are gasping for air.... you in all probability DO have a form of sleep apnea. Tiredness, headache, less concentration, and daytime sleeplessness are also some symptoms.   

When you consider the "Hummmit anti-OSA solution" to free yourself from OSA, you can forget the CPAP side-effects as “Aerophagia” (Air building up in your stomach), dry mouth, and dried-out nasal cavities, and also you can forget dry eye’s, to name a few discomforts. Using the Hummmit solution is comfortable, 100% natural, and without any side effects.      

Sleep studies:

As we know, a sleep study takes you one step closer to a CPAP or surgery, but the question is whether this is the solution for you.

A "sleep study" will confirm that you DO have "a" sleep disorder and in most cases, it comes down to sleep apnea. After a sleep study, you will be referred to an ENT or a sleep-specialist. However, before you enter that difficult process, we would like to advise you to go through this page and find your answers. You will briefly learn the "pros and cons" and how to solve your sleep problem.

A CPAP, a commercial device

Perhaps you already do know, but the CPAP machine, mainly, was developed for CSA (Central Sleep Apnea) and not for OSA (Obstructed Sleep Apnea) in the first place. The difference here is that CSA is a disorder from the brain (No signals to make you breathing), which is dangerous and needs always a CPAP. But the disfunction as CSA is even less than 1% of the breathing disorders. OSA essentially is caused by a physical blockage in the upper airway, due to polyps, allergies the Nasal Cycle, etc., This forms of OSA, fortunately, does not always a CPAP to correct it.


The "CPAP" and now improved "BIPAP" for OSA started out in the 90ties to be an interesting commercial device, as a very high number of people suffer from OSA. Large company's like LG, Philips, and many other brands jumped into this market. Even right now cheap Chinees CPAP machines are available on the internet. But unfortunately, most CPAP/BIPAP machines are uncomfortable devices that have a negative impact on our sleep quality due to many un-natural side effects.

According to the American Sleep Association (ASA) the list of negative side effects is long. Click Here).

With the Hummmit Natural solution, you can be freed from sleep-apnea (OSA) without a CPAP/BIPAP in a highly comfortable and natural way. The answer is the following:

1: Reduce mucus/bacteria/fungi building up, (NO SINUSITUS AND POLYPS)   

2: -block the upper airway, (FREELY NASAL BREATHING)

3: Sleep on the side and not at the back. (MOUTH CLOSED)   

4: Create the natural vacuum between tongue and roof of the mouth, the same vacuum kids like to make when they make a clacking sound.  (MOUTH STAY CLOSED THE WHOLE NIGHT).  

Why it works

1: Using the Hummmit anti-OSA solution, will activate our Nasal Nitric Oxide, (nNO) which will reduce bacteria, viruses and fungus in our respiratory system. nNO regulates the mucus build-up. (Keep airway(s) clean), relax the smooth muscles, cures sinusitis and polyps within days/weeks, and make us less snoring. (Read More).  This effect frees the airway for unrestricted breathing and additionally, Nitric Oxide also increases your quality of sleep** 

2: The Hummmit anti-OSA solution comes with the original VHI Nasal-Vents, in five sizes, ergonomic design and comfortable for daily (nightly) use. This combination will free constantly the upper airway and Nasal cavities when the “Nasal Cycle” is making us suffer from less air while sleeping. (Read more about the Nasal Cycle (Click Here).

3: When using the "Hummmit anti-OSA solution", we must be certain that we sleep at our side (left or right) only. We need to avoid back sleeping, as back sleeping is the #1 cause of OSA. When we are in deep sleep "REM" sleep we are paralyzed and the muscles of the jaw and tongue are paralyzed too, and the jaw falls open due to gravity. The vacuum is lost and the tongue descent in the back of the throat.  Snoring and sleep apnea are born. (Fig 3).
4: When we sleep on our side, the jaw/mouth stays closed due to less gravity and due to a (Natural) and permanent vacuum between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Healthy nasal breathing will remain. This breathing technique is 100% natural, works always, and was revealed to thousands of users over the years who enjoy with us a healthy sleep again. This also applies to the so-called obese people, as long as you have no trouble breathing during the day, you can benefit from this solution in the night also. 
This solution can be ordered risk-free based on our "not satisfied money back" policy, guaranteed by PayPal security on refund. 

Is Nitric Oxide safe?

More than. Besides it is naturally produced in our body, the application of much higher concentrations of inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) has been used for newborns and adults for many years. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by FDA (US) & EMA (Europe) and most other countries. The humming resonance is safe and the frequencies can be compared to speaking loudly, singing, and playing vibrating mouth instruments. No doctor's prescription is required for the Hummmit. For more details on use and safety, please see the FAQ  Click here.

The guarantee of operation.

In terms of the result of the function, apart from the fact that you will notice a better sleep without sleep apnea, the effectiveness is also measurable by a improved blood pressure, (before and after) and by measuring the nitrite value using urine test strips. Scientifically, the Hummmit was tested in Germany at the "Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZiP gGmb", with a result of 95% positive effects in a random controlled sleep study. (see link underneath)**** 

How to use the Hummmit?

For an improved sleep without sleep apnea, the mask is used best in bed just before sleep, while reading a book, meditate or just relax. The Nasal Tubes must be inserted in the nostrils making unobstructed nasal breathing always possible. Using the NasalVents is an important part as we withdraw the Bio-Nitric Oxide from our sinuses, and will balance the "Nasal Cycle" while we sleep. After one or two programs, (20 minutes per program) depending on the severity of the allergies, and mucus, we can take off the mask, put it on the base, and go to sleep. We don't need to keep the mask on the face while sleeping. The NasalVent stays in the nostrils the whole night. Always sleep sideways (lateral recumbent). The best side to start sleeping will be the left side. In this position, your organs are freer to get rid of toxins while you sleep.

Attention:  When we are used to sleeping on the back for many years, we need to correct this habit again like how we slept when we were in our 30ties. and we need to work on that. But this is achievable as we helped already thousands of people this way. Some people need the help of taping the mouth for some weeks, because of the strong persisting habit. This sounds strange, but it will work, as we can breathe optimally through the nose. We do not offer the mouth tape, as we do advise just to use the “3M Micropore Plaster” to tape our mouth for some time. After one or two weeks automatically we sleep at the side again as we did before, and taping mouth is not necessary anymore.

Important: To avoid unwanted returns on orders, we like to inform you that the Hummmit anti-OSA solution is NOT working for people who do smoke, due to the contra-effect of the cigarette smoke inhaled which increases mucus build-up.  

Aside from curing you of OSA, using the Hummmit provides you peace of mind, is relaxing, and enjoyable to do. Using the mask will become a wonderful daily habit for a recovered normal sleep and for improved general health.

Fig.1.  In OSA the use of a CPAP machine is not always the answer. When using the "Hummmit Solution", Mucus-free upper airways will appear and OSA will disappear without unhealthy side effects.. 

Pro en cons:   Click Here to enlarge

Fig.2.  Please read carefully the differences in function and side effects.  You can try the Hummmit as an assistant for nights of healthy sleep and risk-free. 

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ADVISE: When should you think about surgery ?
Studies suggest that surgery should only be thought of if you have already tried other treatments and failed. (source:

Fig.3.  Back sleeping: Mouth falls open due to gravity and vacuum is lost. Side sleeping: Mouth is closed with a vacuum between tongue and roof of the mouth, Airways are open and OSA is gone. Lost Nitric Oxide to the brain is linked to Alzheimer's.  (Read more)

Fig.4. Over the years more than 4500 Hummmits are in use with various healthy results. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is safe and approved by the FDA (US) and the EMA (Europe). 

The Hummmit: $ 299.50 (excl. Discount incl. shipping)


                               In the box:

1 Humming Mask Base (programmable base)
1 Face Mask
1  Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes) for optimal breathing

2 Set of 3 Silicone face pads (reusable)
2  Set Soft 3 foam face pads
1- Wall power supply
1- Manual / Quick Start
1- Travel Case

1- One year warranty


Risk-Free, 30 days return.

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      Quote: We conclude that iNOS-produced neuronal NO is an important homeostatic factor promoting recovery sleep

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  • ****Use of the Humming Mask improves sleep of healthy elderly. (READ MORE)

       Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZIP gGmbH



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