The Hummmit©

 Improved Oxygenation 

for a strong health 

Device for activation Our Bio-Nitric Oxide.


We bring you a new unique device “the Hummmit©”, a multifunctional massage device whose operation is based on our (Natural) Bio-Nitric Oxide the molecule needed for improved oxygenation especially at a later age.


The concept for the development in 2016 was related to the health of people developing geriatric imperfections, but it turned out that it worked wonders in wound-healing with beautiful (invisible) scar results. i.a. Nitric Oxide is required for defence response/naïve immune activity during the early and middle phase of wound healing.*(1) Nitric Oxide has been observed to regulate key processes of adult healing, such as angiogenesis, inflammation, cell proliferation etc., essential for excellent wound healing.

Using the Hummmit, Bio-Nitric Oxide (bNO) present in the sinuses and nasal cavities will be released nicely by a soft humming resonance, (90<>110 hertz), which makes it available for comfortable inhalation over the time when wound-healing is required. This can be directly after surgery or in the following healing day's/weeks (home use). Inhaled Nitric Oxide supports naturally the applied topical or special dressing from the inside-out, not affected by a negative environment and regulating any hydrolysis.  

After the introduction of the Hummmit in 2018, applications were performed by various health professionals, achieving significantly faster wound healing and beautiful scar tissue formation. After additional research, studies* were found that explained and confirmed these results.   

Aside from the use in the practice itself, the mask can be rent-out for the time needed for home use, or sold to the client.  For more product details on use, safety, FDA, EMA, etc., please read more at the page FAQ please  click "here"  (Inhaled Nitric oxide is FDA approved).   

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Hello, I would like further information about the purchase prices of the Humming Mask. I heard from a client about the Humming Mask and the excellent health results she and her husband achieved with it.
I would like to hear from you!
Cordial greetings,
Cor Kootstra
Naturopathic therapist


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In 2018, it was discovered by Prof. Dr. J. Stamler that ​Nitric Oxide in addition to Carbon dioxide and O2,  Nitric Oxide is the third necessary gas/molecule for permanent healthy oxygen exchange, the basis of all healing results.  This holds specifically for the capillaries, which maintain and restore the body and the brain. An insufficiency of Nitric oxide due to a variety of causes has a negative impact on vital functions in most organs and the results of wound-healing.

Because of these data, the Hummmit has been developed by Anton F.M. Bende, a medical ergonomist, and is now a daily applied device in combination with different health treatments. The Hummmit can help when an optimal Nitric Oxide (NO) level is desired as a basis for healthy oxygenation. This for the best result for the treatments given.

For health practitioners, we offer a special wholesale program with exclusive prices and sample-prices. In this program, your clients can order direct op basis from you as an affiliate.  There is no investment required.  Please inform us about your interest (click here) and we send you the information for an easy set-up. When you like to order upfront,  you can order your Hummmit right now, with 35% off, by using the discount code  "SampleCS".


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A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO in a comfortable way also on a later age.    


  • *Use of the Humming Mask improves sleep of healthy elderly. (READ MORE)

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