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 the "NSA Combo"

"Morning headaches permanently solved with  LipRight + NasalVent Tube"
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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated feb. 2023.

Just Relax. Read & Listen !

​" 81% of all Morning Headaches are caused by nightly mouth breathing due to an obstructed, upper airway" (OSA) and are linked to dementia.  (

Just read or listen 4 minutes more to find your drug-free solution.  Thirteen years of specialism in Human Breathing Techniques and the comprehensive test "Prevalence of morning headaches in adults" conducted by JAMA over 18,980 volunteers, in Europe, resulted in the development of our solution for daily use for every age. 

Our NSA (No Snore Assure) combo,  is the latest Ergonomic product from our R&D dept. It's an ultra-soft, reusable, and comfortable solution and a sustainable purchase. The new magnetic LipRight goes for 120 nights, while you can use the NasalVent for years...  This is for the cost of $ 2.- a week or less.

You will receive the Adult size magnetic lipRight and a set of 4 different sizes of ultra-soft silicone nose dilators for a personal fit and secured permanent nightly Nasal breathing.  


This combo is the only safe, drug-free, and proven remedy among others, for early morning headaches.
The function is accomplished by ensuring the intake of oxygen with every breath taken. This oxygen contains our (natural) bio-sinus-nitric oxide, which nitric oxide allows optimal delivery of oxygen to our venules and brain cells. (Prof. Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler). 
Do you know that we breathe approx? each night 7.200 times !?  

Why NSA magnetic Combo and not the ordinary Mouth tapes?

  1. No loss at night due to discomfort. (Secured function).

  2. No choking or claustrophobic feelings, (Special for kids). 

  3. Opens the nostrils and enhances nasal breathing.

  4. No oral limitations technique, (Magnetic closure).

  5. Skin-friendly silicone, even after weeks of use.

  6. 100% safe for breathing by mouth when needed, (For kids).

  7. Durable and cheap over time as reusable items.

  8. Use for Juniors and adults.

  9. 120 nights+ or 4 months use = $2,- A week. 

  10. Caution before you order:  Does not support beards.

The comfortable magnetic LiptRight prevents return to mouth breathing during our sleep! This compared to the ordinary mouth-tape that often is lost while sleeping or letting the mouth still open due to choking feeling discomfort. (Unconsciously, mouth breathing occurs again while sleeping).  Mouth breathing is linked to dementia and early dementia.

For more details about the magnetic Lip-Right, please refer to the Lip-right page. Click "HERE

As for the nose dilators, after finding the right size 2-pack , single-size packing is available on custom orders.  These products are also used for larger projects in hospitals, the army and can be custom-packed when required. 

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The NasalVent tube has a soft Nasal tip (Ergonomic design protected) which functions as a holdfast in the tip of our nose. Because of that, it is "floating" in the nostrils without any pressure.  Due to different factories, product colors may vary. (Powered by NasiVent).

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This combo looks a bit drastic, but once you use it, you will never miss it anymore!  The use is Super comfortable and applied in the blink of an eye. Immediately the next morning you feel rejuvenated or reborn, and morning headache-free.A  90-day Money back guarantee is covered by PayPal warranty. For more details on LipRight safe mouth tape, click "HERE"    In the US only; Ordered before 12 noon, delivery within 48 hours.

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Correct Breathing a must for a healthy system. 



More details of NSA Combo

​The NasalVent from Vital Health Inventions is the improved "NasiVent", and the only nasal tube that is guaranteed to stay in the nostrils the whole night. Due to the Protected Ergonomic design, the tube is floating in de nostrils with a holdfast using the space in the tip of the nose. There is no pressure and it does not irritate which avoids rubbing out unconsciously, while we sleep which secured the function.


When using the new patented magnetic silicone LipRight we have no oral restrictions. This design allows it to stay on all night until you take it off in the morning. Because there aren't any oral restrictions due to the magnetic technique, it results in ensured nasal breathing "throughout the night".

    Your health (Well-being) is insured. 

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