Curbing your cravings

A strong manner to be released from your habit. The following 

information will elucidate how... (Reading time approx 7 minutes). 

When we were very young and free of mind our unconsciousness is there to protect our health and our survival.  But unfortunately, wrong and bad influence's from all sides, mostly for commercial reasons, are constantly present what effects the basics of our unconsciousness.  When we change this information to positive, our unconsciousness will embrace this new information with arms wide open, as our unconsciousness is there to protect us. To make this work smoothly and secure, inhaled Nitric oxide is needed for smooth learning and strong memorizing  and a more enduring result.  


Many benevolent writers, psychologists, and even more interesting internet-sites, blogs, app's and video's, they all have good advice's to people who want to get rid of a negative habit. The most common advice is:  Find a good and strong reason why you should stop.  This will help you but unfortunately that is mostly NOT enough for a final fix.  Many people fail already by the start.


We need to be strongly motivated and that’s actually with everything we want to achieve in life. When not motivated… we fail. But to succeed with ending a habit or addiction is different because we must overcome strong implemented negative thoughts. What we need is; to get "OUT" the instructions that makes you doing wrong, and get "IN"  the good instructions that makes you the winner.   
                                      No relaps allowed 


We should remember this:

Before we got in to the habit, we didn't know what the results would be. It was showed or told to us as something new.  Advertisements showed us, friends told us, our neighbors, and our buddy’s on parties….  Our unconsciousness was slowly filled with information to get us on the product the drug or the action. 

                                       Yes… Temporarily euphoria is for sale ! 

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Finding the advised reason why you should stop, is easy… "My partner don’t like it", "It can give me cancer", "I like to live longer"….  This are strong reasons.  But finding a reason alone does not do the job you'r looking for, because it’s not the "emotional" YOU and an addiction is just stronger than a reason why you should stop.  Big disappointment,  quick relapse.


Whats the answer friend? 

For a long time scientists knows that the emotional us is only present in our unconsciousness.
Our unconsciousness is for 95%+ our guide and master and is
dictating our consciousness, our behavior, combined with our feelings of euphoria and excitement.  When our unconsciousness is changed we don’t have to think about the good reason anymore. New strong orders and comments will come from our unconsciousness to our consciousness. This results in automatically normal behaviors, good feelings and a healthy pattern, with the release of dopamine as reward for your success. 

                                "This is not magic, and no philosophy, but this is proven physics". 


quote: The unconscious mind is still viewed by many psychological scientists as the shadow of a “real” conscious mind. Though there now exists substantial evidence that the unconscious is not identifiably less flexible, complex, controlling, deliberative, or action-oriented than is its counterpart. (source:)  ( 


The short way to overcome addiction or other negative behavior by sufficient nitric oxide.


Nitric Oxide (NO) is needed (scientifically proven), making learning and the use of our long-term  memory possible. When we are young most of us do have sufficient NO and we can learn fast. When we age we do lose production of NO, one of the reasons why it is more difficult to learn and to quit some bad habits we do not want to have anymore. besides that, its also responsible for almost all creeping physical problems. 

Now, new research performed with the Humming Mask shows that while we use the mask, NO will facilitate strong changes in our mind (our unconsciousness) by giving ourselves the suggestions and commands we want to achieve by consciousness action. According to the tests and studies, this works instantly. Craving and longings disappear because signals from our unconsciousness are contradictory and dominant. Our consciousness or perception for behavior is changed due to the control and impact of our unconsciousness to our consciousness. This will be effective in days or even hours and with zero side effects.


Why the Humming Mask works.

  1. By using the Humming Mask we inhale the activated air from our sinuses including the increased (up to 15 times higher) natural bio-Nitric oxide what is used to enhance mental acceptance, for learning and strong recording (memory) the new suggestions. The same way like a baby is recording all new impressions while developing.  

  2. The inhaled bio-NO is directly absorbed by the mucus layer in the nasal cavities. This like the effect when a smell is observed and immediately in a split second is registered by the brain.  (Nice smell of food and drinks, dangerous gases, and other).

  3. The NO is transported by the blood-flow to the brain and enhance the learning and recording effect to the unconsciousness mind. Old information will be overwritten by using new suggestions in that certain topic as "healthy" changes and are accepted by our  unconsciousness.

  4. Also your list of the new healthy "anti-addiction" suggestions will be intensively-recognized and stored while using the Humming Mask. 

  5. After that, the list of pictures and suggestions available in the unconsciousness mind is used by new sessions while using the mask for further positive progression.

  6. The more we reiterate the new suggestions available while using the mask, the stronger it will influence our cognitive behavior.  

  7. Cravings, fear, depressions, and emotional longings, the fundamental elements of our behavior, will change in positive actions while relaxing/meditating, while using the mask.

Underneath  you will find an example of positive or contradictory suggestions what will recorded and will prevail after the sessions.

The underneath suggestions are for quit smoking  using the Humming Mask, but are the basic suggestions for most other habits, like gambling, anxiety, smoking, drinking, depressions, drugs and medicine-abuse and more. The linked pictures are also important as our unconsciousness likes pictures even more than words.

  • Nicotine and cigarette smoke is bad for my lungs

  • I do not like the taste of nicotine in my mouth

  • Smoking create cancer cells in the my body

  • I do not like the craving feelings for smoking

  • My thoughts why I need to smoke are false

  • Smoking gives more stress

  • Smoking is not for me

  • Nicotine gives me a bad addiction

  • Smoking makes me feeling sick

  • I can see a deadhead on the pack

  • I can better breathe when I do not smoke

  • I give a bad signal to family, kids and friends when I smoke

  • Smoking gives me a uncertain feeling

  • I feel better when I do not smoke

  • Smoking makes me stinking for somebody else

  • I am not a smoker

  • I hate smoking

  • I do not like the smell around me anymore

  • Smoking smells horrible

  • I feel good when I do not smoke

  • I feel proud when I do not smoke

  • I feel sad for people who do smoke

  • Not smoking is what I prefer.


Involvement of nitric oxide in learning & memory processes

(US National Library of Medicine

National Institutes of Health)







Using the Humming Mask for the selected addiction is only functioning after withhold the drug, cigarettes or alcohol you use. The resources used will decrease Nitric oxide what is needed when using the mask. For alcohol it will be after 12 hours, for nicotine after 6 hours, and any other strong drug or tranquilizers as medication at least 24 hours.  A gradual abstention is also possible but we need much more sessions  and more intensive use.  Automatically  we will know when we can retract the daily use of the drug. We do have the best experience with cold turkey… stop and use the mask.  In some severe cases we advice;  always  guidance from your doctor or specialist, to avoid troubling in your withdrawal symptoms. Cold turkey can be difficult and medical help can be important. 

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"Curbing drinking Cravings" 

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