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Chronic Sinusitis (sinus infection) can be cured by taking out the bacteria and or the viruses in and around the sinuses who causes this infections. (The sinuses, the ostium's, polyps and the nostrils). Even fungi’s (the cause of most allergy's) will be cleared out by inhaling our (Natural) Bio-Nitric Oxide.  There is no need for drugs, or even surgery, when you breath in the Natural way, daily and always.  

Research revealed that "Mouth Breathing" is the basic cause of sinusitis and chronic sinusitis, because the virus and bacteria's are not killed off by our Bio-Nitric Oxide and find a nice place, the right temperature and humidity to develop. Commonly sustained sinusitis is a swelling of the sinuses caused by infection. Usually it clears up on its own within 1 to 2 weeks. But the Hummmit can help if it's taking a longer time to go away. After that the Hummmit will prevent new infections for the future. 

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How The Hummmit works:

Inhaled Nitric Oxide (NO), (what is FDA approved ) is a gas or molecule what is permanently available in our sinuses and nasal cavities. When we breath most of the time by mouth, (Mouth breathing) we will not receive any Nitric Oxide. When we use the nose, as the normal and most excellent way of breathing, we do receive the highest amount of Oxygen, but also the important Nitric Oxide, needed to clean out the airways, the osmium’s and our sinuses.


Research shows (GSK United Kingdom) that 61% of all adults are “Mouth breathers” receiving insufficient Nitric Oxide resulting in decreased clean and healthy airways. When we are mouth breathers at night, (Wake up with dry mouth or headache or a shortage of oxygen) we do not benefit from the Nitric Oxide we require. Using the Hummmit (Humming Mask) increase the Bio-Nitric Oxide up to “15 TIMES” helping to kill off all viruses and bacteria in our airways.  Just before sleep, 20 minutes 3 times a week, is sufficient for complete sinus-infection free airways, permanently and proven. >Please read the study on this underneath*.

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Recover from  a Chronic  Sinusitis permanently:

When chronic sinusitis persist already for a long time, we need to use the Hummmit for two to three weeks, 3 to 4 for time’s a day to eliminate the existing infection(s).  Pls. read study attached** 

To relieve a chronic sinusitis we can use a daily nasal potty, we can use nasal spray to kill of the bacteria, or we can try antibiotic, when we know that it not a virus. But when we do not change the roots of the cause, it will be a vicious circle with an ongoing treatment with all side effects. The inhaled Nitric Oxide remedy is proven, secure and safe.
The device just “Imitate” our natural “gently Humming resonance” which effect is 100% harmless and healthy.

After healing, we keep on using the Hummmit weekly to prevent new infections, common colds and most allergies. The Hummmit is not a cheap product, but it is durable high quality product.  You will have one year full warranty and after-sale service. You do have also the "Risk Free option"  no good money back service. “No questions asked".  

Besides to be in control and to eliminate your “Chronic-sinusitis”  you will benefit all other positive results of an optimal level of Nitric Oxide in our system.  You can read the Page Holistic ,….Click "HERE"