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Safe on early Cancer

More good news to follow is the latest (2019) knowledge on early cancer protection. “Reduced Basal Nitric Oxide Production Induces Precancerous Mammary Lesions via ERBB2 and TGFβ*-11-. Indicates that the cause of developing cancer, could be an insufficiency on Nitric Oxide.  (

Personal experience

Me myself the author of this site, and developer of this Humming Mask, was 16 years ago confronted also with cancer. My loving sister Johanna Bende, who past away from this evil illness by age of 54, while she was the most positive member of all in the family.  We still do not know why, but it happened.  From that moment on I was focused on this issue, and slowly we know more and more, making it possible to help when needed.  Now with this most recent and comprehensive study, and our internal experiences with impressive results, you can give yourself a good and serious hope to be freed from this form of cancer.   

For all who do not know the Humming Mask yet, you can read on this site more about the different benefits of the mask and Nitric oxide, and on this page especially about the control on breast Cancer. The study we just came across on Breast cancer and Nitric oxide, it demonstrated our hypotheses that sufficient Nitric oxide in our system is required for optimal health, and a strong immune-system. This study was only published April 2019*. This new evidence covers that when you are diagnosed early with this evil illness, you be advised to try the Humming Mask straightaway.  

A recent experience from 1.5 month ago, one example out of several:

A 24 years young woman, mom of one daughter, and unfortunately a mouth breather for years, was diagnosed with breast cancer with 3 tumors at the right breast. She had two small and one larger lump.
Then, after using the mask for 2.5/3 weeks, daily double session 3 times a day, (44 minutes per session) the result after two weeks: The two small tumors had completely disappeared; the larger one had been reduced by 40/50%.  She will go back to the hospital for a second checkup (April - May). In line with our hypothesis, it is becoming increasingly clear that mouth breathing is related to various cancers due to a shortage of Nitric oxide, resulting in a lower oxygen exchange. An earlier English comprehensive study conducted by GSK-UK indicated that 61% of adults sleep daily with their mouths open, resulting in insufficient NO uptake. 


The mask in short: 
1. The mask activates our own (Natural) Bio-Nitric oxide originated from our sinuses and nasal cavities.
2. Nitric oxide is the molecule of life to maintain our health now and for the years coming.

3. We need to use this mask because we slowly lose or we do not have a sufficient production of this Bio-NO.

4. Using the mask improves our health and increases our immunity, while we rest, relax or meditate.

5. The FDA approved the use of low dose Nitric oxide (5-20ppm) already for years.


Dr. Bengebara is our specialized ER surgeon and advises "Nitric Oxide" as beneficial to many functions in our body & mind. He will answer all your health related questions you may have. Using the Humming Mask©, we activate our (nasal) Bio-Nitric oxide, what have shown to inhibit the grow of lumps in an early state cancer*.

Allow us to explain the main and basic rule for using our mask:
The Humming Mask is the machine to recover our NO what we lose when we grow older or when the production is not sufficient.  We all need a sufficient level of NO in our body to avoid different ailments of being more vulnerable. This has been scientifically proven on diverse health related issues.  But you will ask: why do we lose or why we don’t have sufficient natural production of NO in the first place? The answer to that question is in most common situations a lack of healthy food, the results of our Bio Clock (aging) or low NO production by nature.  Hereditary is also one possibility, but not that common.  The lack of low quality diet and intake of processed food is more common, but growing older (aging)  is something we all have to deal with and is the most common reason over time. 

Concerning our Bio-clock, unfortunately, on a certain moment we all need to step aside for our new generation(s) to come. As we grow older we lose more and more Nitric oxide (NO) over time which is needed to survive. Less NO production by nature we can work on by better breathing, and a more healthy lifestyle. In general, with fewer Nitric Oxide we will be more vulnerable to all kind of illnesses, our immune system starts to be weaker, and we receive less oxygen in the vital organs in our body.

This we know and is proven in many studies conducted over the last 15 years. The good news is that our sinuses and nasal cavities are major producers of permanently Nitric oxide, which the Humming Mask will activate. By inhaling this Bio-Nitric oxide we improve and recover our NO to a level that increases our physical health, our mental health and total well-being. This is how the Humming mask can assist you in your life right now and for the years coming. We do know better than anyone, how important it is to maintain good feelings about our health and in particular our personal parts of the body, reflecting our mind and well-being. 

To make the Humming Mask available for all of you or if you are not absolutely certain yet, we do offer the simple "not satisfied-Free return" service.

Note: A an important frequently asked question is; how long will I have to use the mask? The answer to this is clear. Because and due to our Bio-clock we will only keep producing less NO, and we will have to use the mask for years to come. However, the good news is that using the mask is very easy to do and will becomes part of our daily routines, just as sleeping, sporting, eating and drinking, which are prerequisites for a quiet and healthy life. All people who use the mask (mostly just before sleep) are very happy and thankful with their results.  Concerning younger people who experience lesser natural NO production than normal, after using the mask, changing lifestyle is recommended.

*-11-Reduced Basal Nitric Oxide Production Induces Precancerous Mammary Lesions via ERBB2 and TGFβ


Concise clarification why the mask is working and why it’s healthy and safe.

  1. Humming is activating the air from our sinuses and nasal cavities containing Nitric Oxide(NO).

  2. NO is the 3th gas molecule needed in our respiratory system for delivery oxygen (recently discovered in 2018 by Dr. J.S. Stamler).

  3. By inhaling Bio-NO it falls free in our system resulting in increased Oxygen to the cells using the finest capillaries, and it keeps our cells healthy.

  4. At the same time all our “smooth muscles” in our most susceptible in body and mind will receive the oxygen needed for the appropriateness of function. 

  5. This way most ailments and negative development will be prevent or cured.

  6. Nitric oxide is a highly important molecule in our system and over  120.000 studies are published about this molecule.

  7. The use of inhaled Nitric oxide is FDA approved.