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Beauty from Inside Out

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Reviewed by O. Bengebara MD. 
Updated April 2021.

Beauty based on Natural Nitric Oxide
(100% Natural & Relaxing)
Nitric Oxide for Skin care... VHI-US
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The Background:  The Hummmit  (Humming mask).


Nitric Oxide (N.O.) is an important molecule needed for optimal Health and Beauty. But due to our Bio-Clock over time we lose the production of this Nitric Oxide. (Figure 1.)  The production of this N.O. can be improved by following the right diet, keep up exercising and using some supplements.  But after passing the age of 40/50, we will lose this effect also.  Please see the underneath video from Professor Dr. Nathan Bryan for more details. To keep up our Beauty and Health and to avoid fast aging, we can improve our N.O level by activating our “Sinus" "Nitric Oxide” by Natural humming.  By using the Hummmit we comfortable activate the N.O in our sinuses improving our health, beauty & wellbeing.

Welcome to the magic of Nitric Oxide...

The real  "Beauty sleep" is no longer fiction.  It hides a strong, reliable honesty.  When we have a Look in the mirror;  "We don't look that well without a good night's sleep". 

Our Vital health team has been promoting answers for health and beauty for years based on better breathing and natural humming. As a result, today we are here for you with "the Hummmit" a comfortable facial mask that works on the recovery of our natural Nitric Oxide, N.O,  for our beauty "From the Inside Out". 

To support the value of this statement, we would like to refer you to the extensive research, underneath, published by the AHA American Heart Association. 

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The Hummmit,  Improved health, Deep sleep,  Good Looking, shiny skin.  Maintained by Natural "BIO" Nitric Oxide. Beauty from the Inside Out. 


Based on our 12 years of experience in human breathing techniques for a strong healthy foundation we discovered the importance of Nasal Nitric Oxide "the molecule of life". This molecule is major produced by our sinuses ready to inhale for most functions in our body and mind. The importance of Nitric Oxide to our skin was underlined by the leading cosmetic company L'Oreal, which patented the use of Nitric Oxide in their Natural beauty products.

Source: (Google patents) (agent supporting the production of nitric oxide in and/or on the skin)*

The Nobel Prize

As we grow a little older every day, we lose our naturally produced N.O. the main cause of losing our younger skin. By reaching our 40's, we lost already 50% of our N.O production. (figure 1.) With the Hummmit we can increase our level of N.O again which will reduce aging-looking skin. Wrinkles disappear, skin feels stronger and got the glowy look again. This molecule of life received the Nobel Prize in 1998 the reason why we gave it special attention and translated it into the "the Hummmit" for the recovery of our 100% Natural N.O.  

Major Production

Simply stated…without sufficient N.O in our system we will lose the quality of most vital functions in mind and body. (Scientifically proven).  The production of our Bio-Nitric Oxide slows down due to aging, even with a healthy lifestyle, the right food, the right exercise, and supplements. (figure1). 

The production of N.O decreases because the enzymes needed to generate the N.O become less available. This (unfortunately) is a part of our Bio-clock as we must give way to the new generation(s) to come…  But today, there is a proven remedy to keep up the Nitric Oxide using the permanent N.O from our sinuses, in a natural and safe way. (figure 2)  This like Monks already do for hundreds of years using mantras and humming, maintaining their health and long life prosperity.

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Fig.1. The draw back of Nitric oxide in age.

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Fig.2. The Natural "Nasal nitric Oxide" obtained from the sinuses, and comfortable inhaled, while relaxing.  

These improvements are explained with evidence-based medical studies. Some clients in reality are talking about the mask as their “Fountain of youth of today” 100% natural and 100% safe.  

Is it safe?

Yes Nitric Oxide is safe.  Application of much higher concentrations of iNO has been used for neonates and adults for many years. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by FDA (US) & EMA (Europe) and most other countries. The daily humming vibration in hertz, between the 90 and 110 Hz., is safe and the frequencies can be compared to speaking, singing and playing vibrating mouth instruments. No doctor's prescription is required for the Hummmit. For more questions and answers, please see FAQ page, click here.

Effect of the function.

We know there are a lot of promising products on the market, but In terms of the result of the function of the Hummmit apart from the fact that you will notice your improvements after use, you can also measure the effectiveness of the Hummmit by A:  A corrected blood pressure, (Before and after), and B: By measuring the nitrite-value using urine test strips. 

Among other studies about Nitric oxide in general the Hummmit was tested in Tiel Germany at the Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie Z.P,  with a result of 95% positive effects in a random controlled sleep study.  Please read underneath studies.*

How to use?

When using it for improved N.O in beauty and more energy in general, we just use a relaxing chair, lay down on the couch, or any other relaxing place. (Figure 3).

For an improved sleep, it is used best in bed just before sleep while reading a book, meditate or just relax. 

The ergonomically designed Nasal Tubes (5 different sizes) that come with the mask must be inserted in the nostrils making nasal breathing dominant. Nasal breathing is important as we withdraw the Bio-Nitric oxide from our sinuses. (Inhale always slowly for the best result). After one or two programs, 20 minutes per program, (depending on personal experience), we can take off the mask and start sleeping, or in the daytime, just end your sessions and move on with what you were doing.  Using the Hummmit provides peace of mind, is relaxing, and wonderful to do.

Where to buy?

The Hummm-it is exclusively for sale on the internet and through our resellers.  For a list of representatives, click here.  When you have a discount code from your reseller, you can also order direct on this site.  At this moment, as long we do have a difficult time with the invisible enemy, delivery can be delayed. The price includes shipping within the USA.


​Benefits for the beauty salon.
Aside from the positive effects for personal use, the Hummm-it can be use for treatment in the beauty salon, for renting out (home use) and for a permanent sale to clients.  For offer as wholesale and sample prices, please send us your contact information, and we send you this information per email. 
We look forward hearing from you.

Please send us your contact information to receive your Wholesale offer.

  Click here.  

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Fig.3. Use it at Home, or Practice. 22 minutes per program.  Relax, meditate, read a book or just in rest...  Nitric Oxide comfortable inhaled.  Take back the younger years...Enjoy. 

             Recently received request: 

Hello, I would like further information about the purchase prices of the Humming Mask. I heard from a client about the Humming Mask and the excellent health results she and her husband achieved with it.
I would like to hear from you!
Cordial greetings,
Cor Kootstra
Naturopathic therapist


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Fig.4. Use in Practice. 22 minutes per program, up to 3 programs of 22 minutes (one hour)  Relax, meditate, read a book, or just rest...  Nitric Oxide comfortable inhaled.  

 - The Hummm-it: what's in the box -

1 Humming Mask Base (programmable base)
1 Face Mask
2 Set of 3 Silicone face pads (reusable)
2  Set Soft 3 foam face pads
1  Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes) for optimal breathing
1- Wall power supply
1- Manual / Quick Start
1- Travel Case

1- One year warranty

A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO in a comfortable way also on a later age.    


  • * Cosmetic use of an agent supporting production of nitric oxide in and/or on the skin (L'Oreal)  (READMORE)  
    Quote: Claim 1, characterized in that said agent is intended to give the skin of the face a good-looking effect.

  • * Nitric oxide drives skin repair: Novel functions of an established mediator  (READMORE) 
    Quote: NO may provide a novel therapeutical target to improve severely disturbed wound healing conditions.

  • * Nitric Oxide and Sleep  (READ MORE)
    Quote: NO = Modulation on states on sleep. Decreased NO has identifiable effects, including aging, neuropathologies and parasitemia. 

  • *Experimental Treatment Uses Nitric Oxide for Acne. (READ MORE)

       This article is from the WebMD News Archive

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