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"Working-out your muscles more than usual on a regular basis is building muscular strength which reduces text neck and  discomfort"**
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Text Neck and painful Shoulders.

Stiff neck and sore shoulders are today more common and are growing conditions caused by the prolonged use of the PC or laptop, and now more and more due to handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This usually with our heads in the wrong position and with static muscles. More movement and stretching, like with flexion in Pilates and Yoga and fitness exercising, is promoting nice blood circulation and oxygen, needed for good function. Gentle but regular training engages strong muscles.* Performing these movements, we can loosen up stiff and painful neck and shoulder muscles.

The Hand-Held-Neck and Shoulder Gym

The Handheld-Neck and Shoulder Gym motivates us to move our neck and shoulder muscles more and in a natural and healthy way, without masking the problem. This neck gym promotes the right movements to keep your muscles supple and flexible.

Stiff, rigid, and painful muscles become healthy again just in days. After the condition is resolved, maintenance needs just a few weekly exercises. This Hand-Held-Neck and Shoulder Gym does not mask the problem with heat, massage, single traction or electric shock pulses, but improves naturally muscle strength of group and each neck muscles separate. (See underneath exercise examples). Using this Hand-Held Gym is extremely pleasant to do because you can determine by hand the power of traction for yourself, to avoid excessive use. 

The Handheld Neck & Shoulder Gym is easy to use and very pleasant to do. There are two flexy belts for personal strength build-up. After correcting pain and disorders, a two-weekly maintaining will be sufficient for overall comfort.  

The exercises affect all muscles in the neck and even promote the upper back muscles in some backward exercises. It is also reported that RSI (repetitive strain injury) or mouse arm, is reduced due to improved blood flow in the upper extremities. This type of technique for stretching** was already founded in 1999  and used for rehabilitation in whiplash neck disorders. For this technique the product and design and have been ergonomically improved and patented by BEAS / Vital Health Inventions. New construction and materials were implemented for comfortable fixation, resulting in improved results and more frequent use.

Please see the underneath impressions on exercises which you will find also by the product which can be performed any place, you like.  Exercises 1 to 4 strengthen also the back muscles (rhomboid minor and superior) when used intensively backward exercises. Due to the correct positions of the attachments, all exercises are promoting  most neck muscles like the Trapezius, the splenius capitis and the cervicis' muscles.

Within the rotation exercises, automatically we will help the primary muscles involved in cervical rotation like the sternocleidomastoid, the upper trapezius, and splenius group, with some assistance from the scalenus and intrinsic muscles.  

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Powerful muscles "Stretch and Move" your neck muscles.  Find relief of stiffness and Painfull muscles in days. Nice & Simple to use.  Fast Results, by 2 to 5 minutes a day.  

Handheld Neck & Shoulder exerciser protraction forwards & backwards
Handheld neck & shoulder gym; Bending stretch forwards & backwards
Handheld neck & shoulder gym; Diagonal left right stretch
Handheld Neck & Shoulder exercise; Lateral side to side stretch
Handheld neck & shoulder gym; Rotating left & right stretch
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Product Details: 

The HandHeld Neck & Shoulder Gym.
Prize:  $ 24.95  (Ex. shipping). 
1- One Leather Headband with Antislip strip.
2- Two Elastic Bungee strings for strength control.

3- Control ring and Travel belt.  
4- Exercises +  Instructions and grand information.

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 In general,  

the main cause of neck and shoulder disorders is due to poor blood supply due to excessive static muscles, which is analyzed in many studies on this Topic: "Subjects with neck and shoulder pain showed lower oxygenation and blood flow of the trapezius muscles responding to isometric exercise, compared with asymptomatic subjects" (Source  BMC Springer Nature).
These statements underline the importance of exercises (movement and stretching**) for improved blood flow.

The product.

The gym consists of a leather headband, in combination with a Velcro strap which is placed around the head. At the inside of the headband (strap), there is a strong adhesive (reusable) silicone anti-slip strip, for comfortable fixation (no-slip) at the forehead for controlled exercises.

This Silicone antislip keeps the gym comfortable in place without over-tightening.  

Two strings of different strengths up to  <2.5 pounds and 4.0> pounds pulling-power are used to perform "delicate" personal exercises. This solution is simple to perform and attractive and motivating to do. (Joyous). Two (2) to 5 minutes a day will be sufficient to relieve pain and stiffness. 

This Handheld Neck & Shoulder Gym is produced conform ISO  and CE standards and is a Patent pending product with Design and Model protection registered under # OBPi-89405-01 © All rights reserved.


*Effectiveness of exercise in office workers with neck pain:
A systematic review and meta-analysis 

There is level II evidence recommending that clinicians include strengthening exercises to improve neck pain and QoL. (Quality of Life) However, the effect of endurance and stretching exercise needs to be explored further.

**The importance of stretching  (Harvard Medical School) 

Quote: Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy,