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 Insufficient Nitric Oxide linked to Alzheimers

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As we could see in the video, the effect of diet with L-agrinine and supplements to increase Nitric oxide, decreases sharply as we age. This increases the risk of geriatric disorders. With the Hummmit we activate our natural (Bio) Nitric Oxide with which we can save sorrow and serious costs.​

More and more specialists and doctors are recognizing the value of nitric oxide (NO) for our health as the most important molecule which is naturally produced in our body.

In one of the many studies** published by the Journal of American Heart Association (AHA), Click "Here" it is shown that the loss of the Natural production of NO in our system, (fig.1) is linked to the growing problem of Alzheimer's disease, a reason why the number of people with AD is rising.

Today, we live longer and 75 is the new 65.  But without keeping up with the necessary Nitric Oxide to a healthy level, including the right vitamins and minerals, fruit & veggies, geriatric disorders will develop.* In the attached studies we can read that early protection of the brain with sufficient NO  works as a shield to Alzheimer's disease and dementia.  

The Hummmit available for home-use, contributes to an improvement of the right NO (nNOS and eNOS) in our system, and according to this data, the Hummmit helps also for healthy aging in general which is scientifically established* (Aging without aging) and the best present you can give yourself.   

In fact, with the above information the basic knowledge was explained and it is smart for anyone who gets older to pay attention to this NO issue to keep the NO at a healthy level.

On this site, you will find additional details about the Hummmit and Nitric Oxide and why we should not wait for the first symptoms of AD to appear. We like to refer you to the FAQ,  "Click "Here" for a view regarding safety, operation, and use. If you have any more open questions, we and our associate doctor will be happy to help you with answers.

For those who are slightly more proficient with the technique behind Alzheimer's disease, we indicate that one of the most important effects lies in the fact that sufficient "Nitric Oxide" counteracts the build-up of amyloid and Tau, which can reduce progression in the development*.  (Inhaled Nitric oxide is FDA (USA) and EMA (Europe) approved).   

Fig.1.  Draw back of the productiong of NO by aging.

mem -2.jpg

Fig.2.  Memory test for yourself or your loved one. Click the picture to start.

Background on the function of the Hummmit (Nitric Oxide).

In 2016, it was discovered by Prof. Dr. J. Stamler that ​Nitric Oxide in addition to Carbon dioxide and O2 (oxygen), Nitric Oxide is the third necessary gas/molecule for optimal oxygen exchange into the cells, the basis of all healing results.

This holds specifically for the capillaries, which maintain and restore the body and the brain. A sufficiency level of Nitric Oxide in combination with the right vitamins and minerals and when possible exercises, improve vital functions in most organs resulting in stronger health and improved wellbeing. In addition to mental safety, NO also improves Memory and Sleep quality, corrects our Blood-pressure and ED, diminish Prostate growth, (fewer nightly toilet trips), in short, NO revers most geriatric discomforts.   

Because of these data, the Hummmit has been developed by Anton F.M. Bende, an award-winning medical ergonomist. The Hummmit is a daily applied device for home use and in combination with many different health treatments. The Hummmit can help where an optimal Nitric Oxide (NO) level is desired as a basis for healthy oxygenation. Using the Hummmit, is healthy, relaxing, and wonderful to do.  "Prevention is better than cure" (An old Dutch saying)


Your Team the Hummmit...

A clear explanation of the importance of Nitric Oxide and the loss of it over time. With the Hummmit we have the ability to improve our NO in a comfortable way also on a later age.    

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  • Molecule in the blood linked to cognitive decline in old age. (READ MORE)

    • Quote: Low levels of nitric oxide are linked to the development of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s.

  • ** Inactivation of Nitric Oxide Synthesis Exacerbates the Development of Alzheimer's.  (Journal of American Heart Association), (AHA).  (READ MORE) 

    • Quote: ​Not only should BP be lowered but also NO biological activity should be preserved.

  • Alzheimer's Disease: A Contextual Link with Nitric Oxide Synthase (READ MORE).

    • Quote: Further, this review provides convergent evidence that NO could provide a therapeutic avenue in AD.

  • *Use of the Humming Mask improves sleep of healthy elderly. (READ MORE)

    • Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZIP gGmbH  (Germany). 

 The Hummmit: 

1 Humming Mask Base (programmable base)
1 Face Mask
1  Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes) for optimal breathing

​2 Set of 3 Silicone face pads (reusable)
2  Set Soft 3 foam face pads
1- Wall power supply
1- Manual / Quick Start
1- Travel Case

1- One year warranty

ROI:  (Return on investment) $ 26ct. per day over two years. Risk-Free tryout with our money-back policy, assured on Paypal purchace. 

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