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BEAS invent Int. and Vital Health Inventions (VHI) LLC are spin-off's of a Dutch company VHP b.v. founded by the award-winning medical Ergonomist Anton F.M. Bende (BEAS-int). Vital Health Inventions is focused on "Human wellbeing solutions" The company was established in 2009, developing personal "home-use" health products.  Aside from the smart "Chew brush" (a Chewing gum like tooth brush) eliminating gingivitis in day's, most other products were based on the human action of nasal breathing and ergonomically sound solutions addressing physical disorders. After 5 years of research concerning the Human "nasal cycle" Vital Health Inventions is proud to announce its latest invention;

The "Hummm-it" (The Humming Mask)

The Hummm-it is a device to recover our wellbeing lost due to aging. The Humming Mask “HM-G3-Pro” helps to reclaim and recover an important molecule by simulating nasal humming, an ancient technique used by Asian monks and yoga practitioners for hundreds of years. The hummm-it helps by most Geriatric dysfunctions as insomnia and fast aging due to improving this molecule which discovery received the Nobel price in 1999. It was called the Molecule of the century and the "wonder molecule".  (Read more about Sinus air click Here

For 2020, the latest product we brought is the Handheld Neck & Shoulder Gym as the first complete remedy for "Neck pain" which is developed based on the growing "Text- and tech- Neck" problem caused due to the excessive use of PC's, smartphones and other work-related topics, The Neck, and Shoulder Gym is scientifically developed and advised by physiotherapists as it brings fast natural relief without masking the problem temporarily. After the disorder is solved,  the gym prevents it from coming back by using it for only five minutes, two times a week.

We are located in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Over the last 10 years, we already helped thousands of customers with our products, and due to the powerful results of our products, our satisfied clientele is growing by the day! 

We do offer our in-house medical "Ask Dr. Ben" service. Dr. Bengebara is an MD and E.R surgeon and is specialized in the important role of Sinus air. He will answer all your health-related questions. (Unfortunately, due to the high number of requests, this service is available for our customers only).

We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about our helpful products for breathing, dental solution, and the important role of the right way of breathing, in order to help you improve your health and overall well-being.

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The Humming Mask is a  100% drug-free over the counter (OTC) device. 

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The Humming Mask has a one-year warranty. 90 days tryout.

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